… Sometimes the best you can do is put pants on.

This feels like so long ago… sometimes it is great to look back and see how much life has changed and how far I have come. I also miss writing about my yoga pant adventures… maybe I need to get back at it since my summer is all stay at home mama :).
This story and thought came up many times this week for me… just show up and put your pants on. Sometimes the best we can do it put pants on.

Rebel Moms in Yoga Pants

So there are days that yoga pants are the savior, the best you can do.

On April 30, a big bomb went off in my life.  My husband, told me he was going to be with his girlfriend in Florida.  BAM.  Ouch.  He was a mess… I was a mess… I remember feeling so distant from that moment hugging a pillow with a tank top and yoga pants on.  He left that night and I broke.  The next day residual bombs went off, big ones.  I found out that in the year previous he had had a long term affair with a VERY close friend, almost family member to us.  I also found out he had an affair with the person I thought was my best and closest friend, my guidance, my person.  I was so hurt, so angry, so broken.  I still am in many aspects, but it is…

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