I keep seeing these wonderful signs and hashtags for wanderlust. I see it and I wish I were more bold and fearless with travel- more full of wanderlust. When I think about wanderlust, this new word in my vocabulary, I think of the super free and soulful travel that young or untied down people do. The travel that gets you on an adventure that could never happen at another moment in your life, when you pack a backpack with very little and just enjoy what is there… lightly carrying only memories, experiences and pictures. I see wanderlust as young, though I am sure it works for many who are not young, it is just so not the right now in my life. I wish very much I could be a wanderluster and bring my girls along… but it is so unrealistic with life.

Adventuresome… this is achievable. I grew up in a house that my family didn’t go on many vacations, by many I mean we went on one… one vacation. Instead we went on adventures all.the.time. We would go to festivals, markets, pumpkin patches, train rides and really neat playgrounds. My dad would hear about a maple making day and we would head up. It was not all crazy planned and it was flexible. We would go out for ice cream far from the normal and take the long way home a lot. I learned a good sense of direction and how to find yourself (sans GPS) when you are lost. We also happened upon the coolest things- one room school houses, old cars, Amish people and neat diners. We lived on little adventures and little excursions. It was not only good, it was enough.

Adventuresome… maybe the way I was made to be in the first place. I love a good adventure with my girls or friends. I love taking the long cut home or finding a cool new dive to eat at. I love hopping in my car and hoping we have all we need to head out and going on a trip to a new place and never feeling ‘lost’ when we were a little lost. I love trying out a bus or train or boat with the girls and sitting with them while they smile big and look at me. I love to share the ‘new’ with them. I love that I get to see them see new so often, it rocks. I also love that they seem to love this adventuresome bit of life too. They seem to love to explore big and small, new and scary. It makes me feel very good to know they are (hopefully) going to have that in them too.

I am adventuresome. I am bold enough to hop in the car and head to Buffalo with no notice for a Garth Brooks. I am brave enough to drive to Baltimore with my girls and figure a vacation out when we get there. I am exciting enough to head to the beach or find a playground when we are having a sad day. It is fun to get lost and try to set your sights on new stuff. It’s my favorite to find a new icecream place (and hope they accept more than cash) or a little farmers market… It is my favorite to experience the new stuff and adventures with my chicklets and family. I think it is a big gift in this life, the adventures and the new experiences.

I was driving back from the Metro Station near DC, back to my sister’s house, and I had this thought about wanderlust. I thought of all the great experiences all the young and bold kids have done and experienced. I felt a little tinge of sadness for never having done those big things. I felt this new word pop into my head to define this life of our experiences- Adventuresome. Maybe this is what I am… not a wanderluster, but adventuresome. I’ll take that. It is good, just right for now. I hope my girls look back and see and know our adventuresome experiences.

Adventuresome is a good place to be right now. It is a life full of beach days, playgrounds, funky diners, new scenery… I quite like it. Someday the girls and I will go all wanderlust and get soaking wet in the black sea, sky dive, hike to a peak, eat dinner with locals in many different countries and take a nap on some amazing island. I guess my wanderlust is different than the young ones, mine includes a nap. In the meantime we will enjoy our adventuresome selves… full our days with sunsets and beaches, little hikes, pit stops at betty beaver gas station, dinner’s at random diners with purple butterfly covered bathroom… and leaf collecting hikes in the fall. We will celebrate our adventuresome selves until we meet our wanderlusting selves…

Enjoy the adventure folks… step outside your normal, look at a day differently and try something new. It is invigorating and sometimes the challenge makes me feel so proud that I did it. New things can be scary- get a little scared. Try a fish dish or a new spice… whatever is new do it. We only have so much time here… get a little uncomfortable and enjoy the journey… the new, the little scary. Be adventuresome… wanderlust is right around the corner.


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