Cheers… to a summer well lived…


We didn’t do the normal, as per normal. We developed a bucket list but it wasn’t written as a list- shocker. Lucy would spout something we passed and want to try it, or ask if she had already done it. I would go over things they wanted to try and see… we would talk about when they could happen. I wanted to make sure they entered their next year with lots of memories and knowledge that I love adventures with them.

bucket7 bucket8 bucket3

We spent several days beachin’ it. Just playing in the sand with friends or not… that was definitely a bucket list item. I was so proud to see how far my girls came swimming this year. It blew my mind and made me feel so happy to see them jump in and be brave and bold and proud. They jumped in the deep end and after a few moments were doing pencil dives and swimming strongly to the side. I watched them be little fish and I was sooooooo excited and glad- this winter I won’t have to shave my legs all.the.time and don my bathing suit at the YMCA pool. I finally had swimmers, and my fished checked off some of their list.

bucket17 bucket18 bucket23 bucket24 bucket19 bucket20 bucket22 bucket21

The girls missed many adventures with their cousins this summer, but we made it up in cottage and outdoor time. We got to head to a big city, Baltimore and also hit up a day in Washington DC. They wanted to train ride and see lots… so we took a bicycle tour… not the one where we drive the bicycle, but the one that he bikes us in a lil’ buggy. We visited many of the monuments and stopped at a non-touristy-chain for lunch then headed back. In Baltimore we did lots of cool things- Science Museum, Pirate Ships (Old battle ships) and a wicked cool submarine. One night my sister and I even took the chicks out on Dragon boats- FYI paddle boats are A LOT of work. It was a really great little vacation.

bucket15 bucket14

Later in July we did our family reunion and a nice long week on Tug Hill on a little lake. It was perfect. Swimming and movies and hot, long walks… good food and swimming. Lucy even got to mark off a day at the Farmer’s Market in Watertown- with fried pickles, twisty fried potatoes, fried green beans and fried cheese curd. I wanted to squash in a trip to the Renascence Festival but… sometimes life doesn’t work out the way we want it to. Thankfully we got to check off another bucket list and go bug our friends in Old Forge…

bucket13 bucket12

So, as per normal, nothing goes the way it should, right? We left Tug Hill to head to the Adirondacks… and my car sounded funny. Everything looked ok, but I knew I would have to take it in. However, as I pulled into Old Forge and dropped Sparky at the lovely doggy hotel- my car wouldn’t start. Thankfully there was a great car shop right down the street and my car finally started and drove there (I think I had crappy gas in the car… maybe water in the gas)… and I had a friend following. So best case scenario in the rough stuff… we unloaded the important stuff (bathing suits, chips, toothbrushes, wine and booster seats) and left my car. We got to my Megan’s (about a mile down the road and got some more lake and friend therapy. The chicks kicked another bucket list item- Kayaking and then got brave and tried paddle boarding. Lucy insisted on catching dinner… she mastered casting and worming… and of course Amelia caught the biggest one in her only 5 minutes of fishing… life is funny like that.

bucket5 bucket6

When we were driving to our Megan’s for more vacation- we passed the Boonville fair. Lucy announced that she wanted to go there, NOW. I told her we could mark it up on the list for summer, but we are going to stick with the plan and get to our friends. So in my brain I put it in there to hit up a fair and enjoy, but not just the rides… I wanted to see the animals and eat the junk food. That week I was asked to judge the Altamont Fair Pageant (which was awesome and a great experience)… so I combined the Altamont Fair with that. We kind of got lucky- our day’s weather was junky so the rides were empty and the fair was fresh. The girls got to ride anything they wanted and we did crafts, hung out with some horses and cows. We looked through some amazing art and projects, I pondered finding out how I can taste test for the pies, jams and wine (if they do that)… we happened upon the memorial garden for another lovely in heaven. I could see the love and missing in that garden that her parents have for her… it was perfect and grand and full of color and no weeds. We also got ourselves a very sad blooming onion and fried pickles… they were terrible. I was pretty sad, but then I kind of know it was a way of sticking to weight watchers- or at least not gaining more pounds, right? So I polished off the girl’s fried dough… and we went home and took showers, washed our feet and got onto normal Musto Chick.

bucket4 bucket2 bucket1 bucket10 bucket9 bucket 11

We had a plethora of other adventures- learning to ride bikes with no training wheels (we are working on it… so freakin’ close), painting pottery (finally my girls made ice cream bowls that we could use… not just piggy banks…), cotton candy at Circus Café (done), picnics at Madeline’s Spot (not enough but we made it up there…), Track for the day (bonus day with Grandma, Grandpa and Laurel)… I am sure I am forgetting things but we are finishing this off with a long weekend on the river. We are buggin’ Uncle Damon to take us out on the boat, hittin’ up the bay and most likely enjoying some rockin’ good sunsets.

I know we have more little adventures… time didn’t allow a few things. We meant to get more ice cream cones, ride in a helicopter and visit the ocean… but we have much time for Musto Chick adventures.

My girls got many adventures without me this summer as well, from a little extra time in Watertown to a nine day trip with their dad and his family, new and old. We are now back together for the rest of if… for the back to school prep (which might have broke me…) and for the excitement to travel home soon. My meme is starting 3rd grade, and knows it was my FAVORITE year… so she is so excited. Lucy is a little nervous, but excited. Bags are packed, clothes are bought, socks are fresh and they have new undies… on the plus side they have one more little adventure before the crazy of school starts. Thank heaven’s for that…

So a summer lived well has ended well… we did far too few bonfires in the back yard and hot tub nights… but maybe our fall will be awesome, who knows? I will love and enjoy the schedule of school and the time I get to myself… I want to eat lunch with the girls and get my workouts in… I want to fill in at school when I can, and the rest of the time love up my stay at home momma’hood… I want to hear Meme practice her instrument and watch Lucy play sports… I want to eat soup and stay home more… Welcome to fall… adios amazing summer. Adios to a summer well lived- on to a fall enjoyed and a winter of warmth…


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