I am a boxer… ish.

A few weeks ago my Soul Sister set up a boxing class at her YMCA. I had never tried boxing and it was on nights that worked for me, so I said of course. In my brain I thought it would be a good add-on workout… you know the kind that you get a run or boot camp in the morning and then box that night. My preconceived thoughts were that boxing is challenging but not a crazy workout.


So… in true Erin form I showed up to class with no gear and had to borrow from the instructor. I pulled my rings off and wrapped my hands and pretended to know what I was doing. We warmed up and my legs were burning, big time. We got started on some combinations and just repeating and repeating… he said we have to do it a 1000 times then do it again. That.is.A.LOT of times. In each class we repeat and we take on more. We strap on the gloves and jab, jab, uppercut, uppercut, hook, hook for a LONG freakin’ time. Then he switches it up and my brain will not do its job. I honestly think my brain has something against being told what to do. I need to find a way to get my brain to just do what it is told- to swap from LRLRLR to RL Hook. I was annoyed with my brain, still am.

My instructor/trainer refuses to keep the fan on. I think I am going to melt every.single.time. My legs are dripping sweat, my calves were sweating so much. I could not wipe the sweat from my face because the gloves on my hand and the lack of sleeves. It was crazy. I honestly have never sweat like that. It felt good, my skin felt new and fresh… it was like a lil’ detoxing session. I love the feeling of punching his glove things. It felt good. It hurt and it pooped me out. I knew I had no more in me, not a tiny bit in me. Then he said ‘work’, like I had been playing for the minute or two before. I wanted to yell at him, but there was no air or voice in me. I kept going, knowing that if I weaken my jab he would extend the length of push. I told him it was nice to punch a skinny, tall guy… I don’t know if he knows how to read me. At the end of the class my body feels good. I know I did some great work and got rid of some extra mad or sad or whatever. I know I am not good at it, I am not nimble or very coordinated. My brain has a really hard time following directions… I don’t know how to make that better. I like it a lot though.

I was wrong. I used to wonder why on earth, after fighting for quite a time, a boxer would kind of lay their head or kind of hug when they were tired. I couldn’t understand how they could go from punching to exhausted and leaning into each other. Well… I get it. It is freakin’ exhausting to punch. I swear it feels like a million years of work and it is probably about a minute (or at least 3). So I was wrong, and I have loved trying this new thing. I think I might even continue… and recommend my instructor to teach at my YMCA (and shave 15 minutes off the drive). I think many of my friends would love this class and love my instructor. It is a great lesson in coordination and discipline. It is a crazy sweat pile, its hard work, it is brain work (that I am working on) and it is different and bold and new for me. So… boxing is a good thing in the routine. I wonder what the next new thing will be…


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