The Godmother

November 21, 2015 is forever set into my brain as a day that changed my life. I have carried 3 little ones inside me, gone through all the excitement of prepping for them to come. I have gone into labor and had simple deliveries and hard ones. I have 3 amazing ladies that I met the moment they entered this world and left my safe little pod. Pregnancy and labor and delivery and motherhood have all been beautiful and hard and lovely and painful.


Yesterday I got to be on the other side, I went through the pregnancy by hearing my sister update me and poking her belly. I spent much time wondering if a boy or girl would join our family, seeing little pink outfits and really wanting to buy them, even though no one knew what we were getting. Early on she asked me to be in the room with her and Damon. I felt really honored that she trusted me with this intensely intimate moment. This moment that would forever change our family, I was blessed to be there. I hoped that I could make it, Syracuse is 2 hours away, I trusted that God would have it happen how it would. So when I got the call from my brother in law I loaded a bag and threw some deodorant on (I didn’t want to be that lady). It was early and grabbed some gas and hit the thruway. Off to Syracuse for this new life to come join our crazy family (I know they will love it).

I got to Syracuse and Cortney was doing great, she made my job VERY easy. She was calm and focused and Damon was alert and loving. I felt like maybe my job was to just talk, and let her rest if she needed. So… I did what I do best. I told her my wardrobe malfunctions and funny stories from Albany. I tried to help her gauge her progress and in the process experience it a little. She was a champ and her nursing staff was superb. Just after lunch I knew we were going to know if it was a sister or brother for my Reaner… and the time came to push. After a few very effective pushes I saw a head full of hair (which is special, most Wilson babies don’t have black curly hair). I told Cortney keep going, he is going to make her hairdresser soul happy. She rocked the rest… and I saw something I have never seen.


I have never seen life enter the world. I have felt the pain and push, but not the whole deal. It was amazing. It amazes me regularly how we were designed and what our bodies can do. It amazes me that we carry life, in this world full of hard and unhealthy there is this amazing piece of us that build life inside us. If that doesn’t amaze you… I can’t understand It not. At the moment he entered the world, yes it was a he (and there were no pink bibs in my future…) I saw his first breathe, his first bits of skin, his first squeak. I saw his eyes open for their first moments in this world. It was amazing. I also got to see a placenta and pick on my sister… wondering if we could cook it in the crock pot and have it for dinner. In all honesty I relished in the extraordinary of it. Our bodies create an organ just to support the life that our body will build. The moment that the cells combine and start making more they connect to our uterus and our body creates an organ to build that baby into the brother or sister or cousin or only child of some excited and scared parents.   Our body creates a freakin’ organ. I know you are probably not so interested, but this to me made me think of the amazing medical work doctors did when my father had a heart attack. I think our bodies are amazing. I think life is pretty rockin’ amazing as well.

Yesterday, just after lunch time, we welcomed Marett Delleo Kirkby to the world we all live in. He is beautiful and perfect, as He has Damon’s nostrils, his nephews lips, Cort’s ears, perfect hands and tiny toes. He is made to be Reaner’s little brother for the rest of the journey. He has a big brother and built in entertainment. He will grow and drive hi momma nuts, he will fall and chip his tooth, he will need to learn to pee on cheerios and he will become a teenage boy (scary fact). God made him for all of these role and will love him anyway through it all. My girl’s can not wait to meet him, the ones here. I know Madeline already put her imprint in his soul and heart.

So I was asked to be Marett’s Godmother. I am not only very honored to be the woman trusted to help Marett understand faith and life and God and love, but I think it is pretty cool to tack that label onto my life resume. I think it gives me special privileges to steal him from other family members and to snuggle him while someone else chases my girls. My girls just got a new God cousin… which is like a new little special type of cousin for them. I also just wrote about my plan A of being a lot like The Last Don, maybe I misread and God meant The Godfather, I mean I am only one word off. So I am The Godmother. BAM… sounds good. I think I need to put it on my card. I also think I am god at this job, my Goddaughter Ceatlyn is pretty amazing and it must be because of my influence ;).

A Godmother is a big deal. I know it and will treat it like that. It is my job to help build Marett to know God and know the pieces that build faith. I get to be a strong influence in his life and growth. I am excited and honored for this role. I want my sister and brother in law to know that I treasure these gifts, the honor of meeting Marett at the moment he joined us and that I have been chosen to help build him to be strong and faithful… to know that God loves him always and anyway.

As I was driving back from Syracuse I had sent my friends pictures. It is always such a reminder that while new life joins our world others are faced with goodbyes. While Madeline was leaving us my friend was welcoming their new family member. Reaner was born on my 9th Anniversary, on a day that reminded me of the dying marriage that I was working to grieve. Marett was born to that same circle… that circle of birth and death and building and breaking. So… he is here for the journey, the cycle and the rollercoaster. He will love it and hate it and build and break.

I am The Godmother, and the aunt and the lady who chases you around for nibbles and to see your new chompers. I am the one who will spoil you with experiences and make sure you know your lovely cousin Madeline. I am also gifted the privilege of sharing my faith journey and knowledge with lil Marett and big Marett.


4 thoughts on “The Godmother

  1. It is amazing to see I got to see my nephew Brady come into the world I just broke down and couldn’t stop crying. It is simply amazing 🎈🎈


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