Fab 50.

So today, 50 years ago, the world met Laurel. Was the world ready? I do not know… but she was here to make a difference and leave her mark- a bright mark. She is going to kill me for writing about this… for some part of her thinks 50 is old and not all sharable. Thankfully, I know I can handle some yells from her… and the best part is she gets over it and loves me and life anyway.

This day 50 years ago might have been like any other, a child born to people thinking she would be like all the others. They might not have understood her mission and purpose in this life, but we all do. Laurel has a life story like no other. It is full and layered… it is chock full of transitions, challenges, blessings, broken, lessons and rebuilding. She has carried amazing people and stories through it all. I love hearing her tell them, even the hard ones. Her stories, even the hard ones, are not full of hate and mad and heavy… but of a strong person who has kept chugging and moving and living. She was made for big things… really big and bright things.

Laurel is made different. She is made to change and build and love bigger and more than most. Her energy is powerful and she gifts it to those who need it. She is fierce and honest, bold and genuine. You do not ask her life questions if you don’t want honest answers… she will tell you if you are wrong. She was chosen to be a mom to some pretty awesome boys… one of which happens to be a real angel with Madeline. I am grateful to them for connecting us…

Through it all she shares and listens and encourages and loves so many. I tell her she is the ‘Keeper of the Broken Souls’ and honestly she is this because she has lived such a colorful and bold life. 50 years isn’t old, it is enough to build experience to not care what others think of you, to love yourself and your lovelies anyway… to build strong and confident friends… to share your lessons and blessings. I see 50 as pretty awesome- I think to be fun and happy and independent and take risks when you are 50 is not always the normal- so when it is it should be celebrated bigger. Age is a gift…

So… I want to go to bed in a bit knowing that I will get in trouble tomorrow (it is late and Laurel probably won’t see this until the am)… but I want to celebrate her 50. I want her to love all those 50 years even the crappy ones… they were a gift that she unwrapped later and helped others with. I want her to wake up at 50 and 1 day and smyle and see her impact and her circle of love and family. I am sure it looks different than anyone could have imagined 50 years ago… but different is good.

Laurel 50 looks great on you. Your spirit and soul and smyle and energy… all look better and feel better at 50 than they ever could have at 23 or 35… I am thankful for God making you on this day 50 years ago, exactly where and when and who you were supposed to be.

Happy Birthday Lady


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