All in a Weeks Work…

Have you ever looked back at a few days and wondered how the heck all of those things lined up and worked? Today was the day to look back, last week I was stressed and praying I didn’t mix up events and dates and times. Alas, I made it to today and I believe everything went pretty much as planned. Now it is Monday, time to sort this week…

Last week we did three Best Day Evers… yes you totally read that right- three. I can also add that the previous week many volunteers with the help of some local companies served A LOT of Thanksgiving dinners to families stuck in the hospital on Thanksgiving. It has been so busy over here in my fancy Best Day Ever planning office (so what if it is just my couch and a pillow). It often times blows my mind that many amazing and kind donors trust us and encourage us to keep doing this job and filling this niche. In a way it solidifies what I know, that Maddie brought us to the niche and purpose that we needed to fill for her legacy. She left big jobs… but somehow they always come together and are just right.

I spent a day shopping with a friend for her little neighbor who was recently diagnosed with Luekemia. My friend thought she could really use her house all lit up and a night at the lights in the park (that part is next week). So we shopped and planned, then she got the workers and set it up. My job was quite easy for that day… and I love when people get to do this for others and share Madeline in the process. I spent the rest of the week trying to keep the other two organized and prepped and well thought out, for any who know me you know that is a challenge.

Saturday’s Best Day Ever was a special night for Faith. Faith wanted a night out with her friends in a limo and trip through our Lights in the Park. She wanted a Japanese Steakhouse and lots of fun with friends. So simple… but I seriously don’t think simple works for SUPER ULTRA SPECIAL NIGHTS. I prefer details, complicated and stuff that requite permits and praying it works. There was this overlap in times, you see, and we wanted them to do something really cool between pick up and dinner… so with a little help from Facebook and friends we got some caroling organized and a few (maybe like 200) people joined us to sing to and celebrate Faith. It was lovely and perfect (minus my Stevie Nicks voice and slow conducting hands). Faith loved it and you could see it… she had a Best Day Ever, as only our special friends can.

Sunday was Miss Eva’s Best Day Ever at The Villa Tuscan in Rotterdam. It was chock full of details that this little 8 year old fighter and her family would love. Eva loves Mario… but I thought ‘what if we could make Eva a Mario Brothers character?’ I did what I often do when I have an idea, I voice text a wacky confusing message with the idea- thankfully Greg got it. My friend Greg is an amazing artist, he can not only entertain kids with exceptional animal drawings, load Facebook with the coolest ever lunch box notes- he can take a crazy Erin thought and make it real. I am thankful for that, more than he can know. He drew up an awesome Eva character and we used it for the décor and had magnets made and signs. So, the big idea came for that personalized image… and I thought how can I get these printed fast? So I called up our guy in Albany and he and his JCB herd printed it all and made many magnets for favors. It was so kind… made my heart smile. So with those details- we get to the rest. My super stylish friend, Jolene, helped me with details and favor bags. She and her mom helped us secure the restaurant and help. It was awesome… I missed the actual party, but had an amazing volunteer decorate and finish. Eva had a Best Day Ever and I think her family did too…

That is what a full week and weekend look like right? Only somehow there is more to squish in there. Last week I had the privilege of talking to and helping the Guilderland girls Basketball team (really tall 6th graders) shop for families. Two of our families were picked up by this amazing and kind donor, who lets the girls shop and he pays. It was amazing and a clear reminder of the good and the positive. I also found out that I needed to deliver those gifts to those families now… ahhh!!!! Did I mention that my Jeep is a storage unit and delivery truck and I had to find a way to get a Power Wheels to a family for a Christmas surprise. Sometimes it really impresses me how things just work out… needless to say all families gifts that my girls and I were responsible have been delivered for Santa’s elves to prep and wrap… job done- BAM.

orn exchange

As these preparations were being made I was also prepping for my 6th Annual Ornament Exchange and my favorite 50 year old’s Surprise Birthday Party. I swear if I don’t pick up another cake or eat another dip until this weekend I will be good (a week without dip or treats is necessary right now). These parties both were exactly as they should be, full and positive and warm. I love when things just fall into place… like it’s part of some big plan or something…

laurel 50

The end of Sunday brought my girls back home and a surprise dinner visit with my Aunts Bridget and Patty. I had another excuse not to cook and to order out some awesome Mexican food. We caught up and they got to see Meme perform and hear stories from the girls. It was nice. Then Sunday ended pretty freakin’ normal- with me completely asleep on the couch wasting my best sleep sitting up. I thought I could make it through a Christmas movie, but my tired brain and heart and mind had a different plan. So… Monday morning I woke all ‘did that all really come together and I didn’t mess up a date or mix up a child?’ and it did. The pretty amazing thing is that it all did… which to me tells me one of two things- I am an amazing and organized event planner OR Someone had a hand in all the details. He wanted to make sure those gifts got to the right kids and the lights lit up just right and that there was an opera singer to take on O’ Holy Night (that one is rough…) and that Eva would have just a treatable ear infection and got to LOVE her special day. Some might think it is all me, some thank me for being strong and brave to organize… they cannot believe how these things come together… like they are little miracles… I totally agree. I regularly wonder, well I know, why these nights and days and work all comes together- He helps and Madeline guides.



2 thoughts on “All in a Weeks Work…

  1. Keep up the amazing effort, no doubt Maddie with divine intervention is giving you strength and guiding your giving hands- impressive effort helping others who you know need to experience their best day ever!! John Smith (


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