Things are not what they seem or we imagine…

Things are not what we imagined, believe in plan be… prepare for a fork in the road—right? This is what life is all about. I know the feeling, nothing has gone how I had planned it. The start of my story and so many other’s stories begins with them not choosing or imagining the outcome, so we are reminded that this is life. Life is a package that doesn’t open the way it is supposed to (ish)…

I met a couple new members of my family this week, they are colorful and comfortable and modern. I am impressed with the sole that they have. They are my kinda members. I am blessed.

My mom introduced me to these lovelies… and she will not regret it. She knew I needed them, or maybe they needed me. Who knows? I know they will be with me for a long time, well 6-10 months… they will in fact be with me for a long distance. They are here for the long run, I am grateful for that. I needed some amazing in my long run, as many of you do. I mean honestly who doesn’t need a little extra cushion in this crazy hectic life?

My parents thought I could use a little boost in my life… a little push and a healthy kick. I am so excited for these lovelies… I am sad that they might have gotten the wrong impression though. My amazing and spunky new members of my herd soooooo thought they were in for adventures. I am an adventurer, you see. I thought we would get back from home and enjoy some time on the pavement together. I was wrong. In true Northern New York fashion we were pummeled with a 45-55* temperature drop. We woke up on Monday morning to grey skies and wicked frigid temperatures. I walked Lucy to school and wondered why I live somewhere that it hurts my skin to do normal… but was reminded God made me for polar bear dips not southern beaches. My new friends are going to travel to some southern beaches soon, very soon. They are going to help me get a little less Polar Bear and more sand and bathing suit ready.

I feel like the agreement we have is broken though. I feel like they are disappointed in me… because of nature I can not take them to the cool places. I know Sunday we are going to do a McRittner Butt run together and I hope that makes up for it. I know it will hurt but these new friends are made for adventure. So my new Friends, my Brook’s, are long overdue for an outdoor adventure. They NEED a run…

I did manage to sneak them into the Y for a quickie today, only about 12 minutes to work for a mile today. I hope they appreciated it. I love them for it.

I wanted to share a bit of my adventures this week with you, even though it is cold and icky we are still working together and enjoying our time together.


Thank you mom and dad for the gift of miles and some rockin’ Brooks and the push to do it…




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