Silver Linings are EVERYWHERE…

This morning I was in work mode. I finally did a bunch of receipt and deposit work for the Foundation (I have thankfully found someone to help me with this role and am so freakin’ glad). I cleaned the house and have plans to grocery shop and prep for this week. Work, meetings, OM, best day ever work and starting hope bags… not to mention taxes and an event this weekend. Prep sounded like a good idea. I kept reminding myself as I cleaned the rats and wiped toilets that this will be done and I can enjoy the house tonight. It is my favorite feeling to sit in my living room, candles burning and know the house is clean. I guess that is how we know we got old… nothing is as fun as a clean house…

Anyway, back to the interesting parts of this story. I made chicken in the crockpot and had to dump it since it had been a bit of it frozen in the garage (don’t judge)… and I was dreading emptying and scrubbing the crock pot. I hate dishes, and laundry… and dusting. I think we could sum up that I don’t actually like cleaning. So I got my receipts out and set up my laptop and decided to multitask. I set the crockpot on the stove and set the new (HUGE) clean rat ball toward the back of the stove to dry. Little did I know that I must have turned the front burner on… I walked around the corner to a fire. I looked at it and turned the burner off, opened the door while the kitchen filled with plastic burning smoke… and stayed calm as I walked the burning crockpot to the driveway. I poured water on the burner and it sizzled and then all was dark and there was no fire. The kitchen and dining room were full of grey icky smoke so I opened the doors and windows, got the alarm off and washed the dishes.

I was a little annoyed with myself. Annoyed that I added to my plate for the day… then the positive bug hit me and I realized I got out of washing the crock pot. It cooled down and I stuck it in the garbage. I didn’t have to scoop the chicken out into a separate bag and get it to garbage then scrub the sides. I am currently crockpotless… but I didn’t have to wash it.

As per normal, there is a silver lining. I have a little more cabinet space, I know my fire alarms work and I didn’t have to bust out extra elbow grease. I will soak in the simpler dish was I had, until we all know the first time I go to make chicken or soup…



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