Go be lovely…

In a world where loss is inevitable, pain can be so big, time can be so heavy… where the hole inside us can be so empty- God fills the hole up with bits of Him, bits of light, bits of whole and happy. This world can be full of big crappy BOOMS, boring moments, challenging choices and joyful experiences… I am proud and content with all of mine. I don’t always see it when I am in it, but this life and pile is pretty amazing and difficult.

After a few weeks of heavy and busy, I was looking forward to a Wine Tasting by my sister at my friend’s house. I made my guacamole and dolled up some store bought brownies (don’t judge) and we headed over for wine night. I pulled in and totally thought I was late, it wouldn’t be too strange for me to mix up the time. I got frantic and rushed in with my sister behind me… only to be greeted by “SURPRISE” and a bunch of awesome women waiting for us. I was pretty impressed that those buttheads kept it from me. I might have even called some out for not telling me, but then again I love a good surprise. So I hugged my people… all of them. I travelled around and chatted and drank wine and told funny stories and had to share how terrible my friends are at listening to any kind of representative. I should have warned her we moms are terrible listeners… especially the teachers, those ones are chatty. I got to combine many of the women in my life. I know for me it was a visual reminder of how God has filled up this hole in me. He uses people and experiences and connections and moments and lessons and hope to keep me chugging.

When I look back at that room full of my people, my builders, I see a very colorful quilt. Each of those women fill a part of me with something different… some I have known for years (my sister I have known since Mom brought her home) and others have just been stitched onto this quilt. They all bring something amazing, bright, powerful and necessary to this quilt that wraps around me. It surrounds me in happy and sad, it keeps me warm when life is bitter. Parts of my quilt couldn’t be there that night, some live far away, some just couldn’t be there, I still felt them. They have built me or wrapped me up when I was cold more than I can remember.

I went home, thankful for my Mr. Rick who chauffeured some of my quilt squares as well. I woke up and got to open far too many lovely and thoughtful gifts. I might have promised Amelia she could borrow a bracelet or purse… I will not share the coral shoes. BOOM. Though at this rate she will be my big foot size and want to borrow my ‘pop of color’ shoes. I loved reading the cards and words, I seriously have the best builders God could have put on Project Erin. These women are kind and whole and full… they build daughters that are kind and strong and good- just like mine. I am so glad He assigned them to Project Erin… she needs good builders.

go be lovely

I got some lovely accessories and thought- I NEED to buy a new shirt. I pulled a perfect black shirt out of the next bag… and it had some crazy good life advice on it. This tank will be a fave and I may need it in several styles. Go be lovely. What a better birthday wish? It’s like wearing my thoughts, go be lovely… try to do it well today, keep moving and put some lipstick on when you are blue. Go be lovely…

I had to laugh yesterday too… because I shared this photo my lovely builder had edited and framed of Madeline at her First Communion. I had never seen it before and I shared it, along with my big surprise birthday party… and I gave the impression that my birthday was yesterday. I am so glad to let you know, it’s actually March 30, so Facebook will remind you in a few days to bug me again… and I will be thankful for the reminder of the herd God has put in my life…


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