Loopty Loop…

Some days are full of crazy ups and downs, others are easier to navigate and don’t take so much work. I often think about how many little rollercoasters are in one single day. A morning might have hectic and busy, then a serious meeting, followed by a kick butt work out and the best conversation. Lunch might be fun or busy, afternoons productive or heavy. What I have learned is that I can not roll over and step off my bed and have any idea what rollercoasters my day might have figured in. I can not know beforehand how many speed passes God set up for us that day… how many tricky and curvy loops he threw in the day. I do know that I must roll over and step out of my warm and comfy bed, put my feet on my cold floor, probably yawn and attempt to get back in. I must stand up and start the day well. I start my day on a flat part of the rollercoaster and set my brain to prepare and accept the loops and curves and freefalls… rest between, use my tools, put my chin up and remind myself that I have made it this far, loops, curves and all. I have made it this far… keep chuggin’.

On hard days with lots of freefalls or fear of those falls… I spend a lot of the day counting down the hours to bedtime. I remind myself in the morning and in those moments that between wake up and bedtime it can be very rough, very difficult- but guess what?!?!? I can do difficult and rough… I always get to bedtime, until I don’t someday.

I am trying to remember there are many days with really nice, fun and simple rollercoasters. I like those days. I need to put a little snapshot in my brain or better yet on my fridge, for the days the rollercoaster is making me nauseous. Last week beat me up. Today I feel like I lost a 500 pound weight and the rollercoaster was pretty easy. I am going to bed with my chicks…

Some days you plop on the couch and crash with that good wholesome lack of energy- the kind you have after a day of yard work and play. Some days your brain is pooped from meetings and issues and things not working. Each day ends pretty much the same way, but one drains the body, mind and soul more. I would take a physically draining day over a mentally draining one any day. I can not wait for the days of sun and planting and pulling out our fairy garden and patio furniture. I can not wait for my hammock… it is the best.freakin.medicine for those mentally exhausting days. For tonight I sleep, feeling lighter and pretty good. I would have to say being on a cleanse (no dairy, no wheat, no processed sugars, no coffee and no WINE) has helped me get my butt to bed early. I think I head to bed to stay on track, and prepping and cooking and packaging meals is freakin’ exhausting. I forgot how good it is to cook, but how crappy it is to clean the dishes. My creative cooking chemistry brain is thinking of some ideas that are clean and fulfilling… I like when my brain is creative.

So… tonight it ends as it always does, in my comfy bed. Tomorrow I will wake up (after hitting snooze 4 times) and put my feet on the floor and stand up. I will stretch and touch my ceiling in my little bedroom, and start the day fresh. I will start the day well…


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