Spring= allergies, sun and baseball (and more)…

Spring brings so many things- yard work, allergies, sunshine, rain and baseball. I think it is a favorite thing for me, parking it on a blanket watching Lucy play outfield, swing at a good pitch or yell at her for playing in the outfield sand. I love when I can see her face and I love her confidence. I love seeing my girls grow, play and change. I grew up watching my brother play lacrosse and football, my little sister played soccer- this is the first baseball of my life. I love it. I have no team other than Lucy’s I care to prance around in fan gear… I would gladly sit and watch Yankees and Red Sox’s as long as the beer was cold and the sun was out. I love watching Lucy without both…

This year is a pretty exciting year for our family and Lucy’s team. She made the Farm team and her team wears… PURPLE. Lucy’s team this year is Team Maddie’s Mark, with their cute little purple socks and tees with their last names and favorite numbers. Lucy is the only girl on the whole Farm level of baseball, and my little bubba fits right in. I love that she can rock her purple and share her sister and love the game. It is one of my favorite little add-ons to my favorite hobby…

izzy 3

Maddie’s Mark is such a gift to our family and to so many others… to be able to grant best days ever to families with sick children is what most see that we do. Madeline was so much more complex though… kind and compassionate and simply complex. She loved best day ever’s, the simple kind that are made with playgrounds, nature walks, parks and adventures. The mission of Maddie’s Mark isn’t just supporting sick families, but supporting communities and parks and enrichment that remind regular families to enjoy their time and stop rushing, pushing and not spending time together. Madeline loved when we slowed down, took walks, played on the swing set and rode bikes. We want the world to enjoy time together- the best and most simple way. A few years ago the RC Little League and Town received a grant from Maddie’s Mark to improve the community baseball concession and/or field. This year the grant was gifted and last weekend the Farm level field was redone. As if that isn’t special enough that Maddie’s legacy improved Lucy’s love… that very field is named Maddie’s Field. Lucy plays on Maddie’s Field. Blessed.

Last game I watched Lucy up to bat, all confident and glad to be the first up. She hit it and ran. I watched her play baseball and throw sand in the air… it was a good night. We came home and crashed on a good note. I tried not to think about the French fries I devoured and failed in my cleanse night… and we hot the hay. I was at school the next day working and one of the mom’s that does PTO and Little League told me that Lucy was the VERY first batter on Maddie’s Field. I had no idea that my lil’ bubba was the first, and was full of energy when I found out that they rearranged the game a little for this to happen. My brain went back to the hit and I felt this deep glad that Maddie did this for Lucy. In a world where Maddie can’t do the normal with her sisters… she can’t argue or snuggle or laugh or fix things with duct tape. She can improve spaces and parks and playgrounds and fields for others, for her sisters. The energy I felt from that little bit of knowledge kept me happy all day. I love when Madeline gets to be there for her little sisters, it is my most favorite.

So… Maddie’s Mark has a team, and in true form has to do things differently. I feel the need for those teammates of Lucy to walk away from the game not only proud and having had fun playing, but knowing what Maddie’s Mark and Madeline were like. I want them to see the awesome that they can do… remind them that little things mean a lot.


A few weeks ago Rick and I met a friend at his family’s restaurant, Scotti’s on Union (best.eggplant.rollatini.EVER). While we were waiting to sit there were some cookies and an article on the counter. I read it and was really changed. I felt this need to share her story and support her and her business. When we set up our Maddie’s Mark team, I wanted to give our team something after as a snack/gift from us. I thought popsicles, but I am so not a good prepped lady… and knew I would be handing out a melted mess. One night my brain brought me back to this story and these cookies… and I knew I needed to share her cookies and story. I bugged her dad and viola… I picked up and delivered cookies to our Maddie’s Mark RC Little League team. They were a hit, those kiddos ate them before I could share it all. Amelia and the sibling fan club handed out packages to the team wrapped in purple ribbon. So tonight I share the story behind the cookies, the gifts from Maddie and Izzy.

(Read this article)

Sixth grader builds reputation as a skilled baker

I love connections and sharing, Madeline ensures me she loves this part all.the.time. I love that this brave and talented girl, Izzy, has taken a really hard experience that took so much from her, and she has made more. She is one of those Madeline kind of girls… what I know my daughter would be like. She has seen hard and still loves and lives and grows… she has lost much and grown anyway. I love those kind of girls…

So read what I include and help me thank and share. Izzy is one brave and creative chica. Lucy is one fast, confident and happy player… Meme is my lil me, my special gift. Help me share the good workings of God and Madeline… the bits she throws in our lives to help us get by and to help us learn. Help us be what we are, as Miss Izzy changes her own fate and future and keep becoming what her amazing and big role is.



I love you lady, you are the best Mads ever. I miss you, but love when you take care of your sisters. I will wake up missing your plan of breakfast in bed, but know you left some amazing protégés. Come bug me beauty bug, I miss you like crazy even though I will see you when I see you.


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