A sunny good day.

Finally sitting, I know, I know… it sounds like I live on the couch. I am being honest when I say that I literally miss my couch many days. What a crazy few days. I feel like we have been on the go, nonstop, go-go-go for a few days. I am so glad it is 6:30 on Saturday night for a couple reasons- I don’t feel bad that I am not enjoying the weather AND my grass seed is busy making roots. I don’t know when I became excited for roots or grass, but I am working my butt off working, mothering and doing my house/yard work- oh yeah and creating Best Day Evers for children and families in hard places. So a little bit of excitement over ground cover is pretty good for me.

I know these days have been busy and I am pooped out… but I am also refreshed if that makes sense. I am going to shop, cook, clean and prep for the week and save some energy this week. This coming week is pretty busy too- baseball, art show, meeting, Lucy’s birthday and normal nutty. Spring in the Musto house…


The best parts of the crazy were seeing Amelia with her favorite friend celebrating her First Communion then running back to Rotterdam to change my clothes and get my Lucy ready and marching in the parade for baseball. I think God had a plan for me to burn many extra calories yesterday. If I would have counted steps it would have hit at least 25,000. I chased Lucy in her parade, made her smile a little and know I was there. That kid makes me smile. She told me she stuck her tongue through the gap in her teeth for her baseball pictures, some parents would want a redo, I like the realness in that picture. Amelia and her fancy shoes got to enjoy lunch for Elcie’s First Communion, while Lucy and I rocked out the baseball scene. We got to the Big field and all the teams were sitting around. I got to chat with some busy politicians and catch up with Rotterdam Supervisor. I got to hug some people I haven’t seen in a long time. I got to speak and thank the community for support and involvement for all of our families… right before I had a weird boom of nervous. I haven’t been nervous or emotional while speaking in a long time. I honestly could not tell if it was nerves or emotions, I was shaky and couldn’t follow my notes. I think I covered some bases, but I felt really different then. Lucy told me my voice sounded different, she said “Mom you sounded shaky, not just crunchy”. If you know Lucy she was just being honest for me, not mean. I have a crunchy voice, I just do. I felt a lot standing there. I stood with some amazing people in this community who supported our family when Madeline was sick and passed. There were friends of Madeline who have grown. My Lucy was watching and listening. There were people who have been unkind to me and Mr. Rick. I felt surrounded and strange. It isn’t like me to be nervous or shaky or stressed to share, if you know me you know I talk, talk, talk… it’s how God made me. I spent some time thinking about what triggered the nerves… and now I am letting it go.


I wanted to convey the pride I have for this community, the work they do to support us and to support others. We have 2 best day ever kids playing ball on those fields, that is a lot. In a field of kids and families 2 families are working through a MUCH different and harder journey right now. This area is home, just like home (watertown) for me. I am proud of the kids and parents who are stellar bucket fillers and teammates. I am honored to stand and smile and clap for those who love best day evers and families. I love the honest people most, the ones whose smiles and truth shine. I am thankful for the support and the coaches who help build our kids and teams. Lucy has an amazing coach, with a sense to humor and personality that builds kids and parents. So… I may not have gotten all that I needed out in front of the mic, I honestly can’t remember, but know Madeline is helping Lucy do what she loves.

Maddie and Maddie’s Mark are huge gifts in this… gifts I don’t always understand how I deserve. I know that she is taking care of life and the girls. I am thankful for the ones that take care of and carry us. I am thankful for the sunshine and a team of purple shirts, for sand and bases and home plate… for the good stuff she sends our way.  Tonight, I love up on my couch and cushions and Red box and the backs of my eyelids…



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