Darn Good Folks…


Cheers to the good ones, this world is quite full of them. I guess I am not doing a traditional cheers, I am cleansing, but I mean it the with the same BOOM. These past weeks have been busy, I think it’s part of spring and life and baseball. I have been noting some of the best ‘good ones’ lately. I think I needed to be reminded after a crazy winter with a parent issue and bullying situation. I think I needed to see the lightness and love from strangers and old friends.

We had our monthly Maddie’s Mark meeting last week, and I hosted. I got my yard ready and made up some snacks and enjoyed my team. I set up a meeting before the meeting, to finish another meet up that had been rescheduled several times. I finally received the blankets from Twill that were donated for Maddie’s Mark. There was a mix up in the meeting time and date, so the only one who came was the Twill summer intern. We got talking and hanging out, she was great. Although we were lacking one, we chatted about goals and life. She told me she lost her brother and I asked how here mom is… she said strong. It was a little reminder my girls will get to be awesome adults who never forget their sister. She got some pictures and I chalked it up to a great meeting.

So the Maddie’s Mark meeting was fresh and good, good food, nice sunset and awesome company. We welcomed some volunteers that gift us much time and energy, discussing plans with excitement and goals. I made my to do list for the next few days and we made it to Thursday. I headed up to New Horizons to meet Jason and his team and thank him for the support. I walked in smiling. I checked out the area of trophies and plaques, they showed what this company likes to do for this community. Out came Jason and his PR guy, smiling. I shook hands and we talked, I think I was a little loud (there was computer testing going on)… so we headed back to the break room. I walked back and saw every.single.employee.smiling. It was a good welcoming feeling. We chatted about best days ever, where the blankets would go and what we do. I loved it. I thought for a moment that it was MEANT to be that I got to go up and meet Jason and his PR guy. I shared some elephants and headed out, feeling happy and surrounded, maybe connected is a good way. I love when connections are made and we can both leave content to have shared our story or mission. I am grateful…

I got home and there was mail for me… I got a package that I didn’t order. This is a favorite for me… to get a card or package as a gift just because. My friend sent a homemade card and gift… my initials and my girls on an awesome bracelet. It was a perfect and kind gift… I never know how to thank people, enough that they understand that their thought and kindness remind me that I am carried, even when I am tired. I am grateful and know that those thoughtful gifts are there to build me and my heart and soul…

This world is full of builders and carriers, best.people.ever. I know there are many things to complain about, but we can keep looking at that or look at the ones who come in and carry and love and build. I love it. We are a people of community, strong and beautiful community. I know our world is full of broken and hurting and pain and blame and shame and bad choices… but all of that rides right next to amazing and strong and kind and real and ready. I see it, I hope you do to…


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