… and today she is 7.

Another year has gone by, another milestone reached. Today is May 20, 2016 the 7th anniversary of first seeing, snuggling and meeting my Lucy Bean. It was a long day but ended quite well, with a 7 pound perfect baby girl, the day we got to finally know God made us a whole set of girls. My girls all met in their polka dot dresses and Madeline was so proud to be a big sister to all. I remember all of those chicks on my lap… I was scared to go home but wanted to leave. Bringing a baby home to a family of young chicks is an adventure to say the least…

Seven years have passed… full of amazing, hard, funny, memorable, broken, angry, silly… days I wanted to run and days I wish we could return to. I wouldn’t change a thing… I hope the girls feel the same when they are grown.

Lucy is Lucy, she is herself all around. She enjoys space but is afraid of the dark and sneaks in for snuggles. She runs away from kisses or things that might embarrass her, but she’ll give me a crazy big kiss in the middle of the hall another day. She succeeds at things she sees as interesting or important, God forbid you try to make her read a book about friendship or shopping. She much prefers dogs to people, or any pet for that matter. Lucy is a plethora of knowledge about animals, facts and insects. That chick collects dead bugs and pets… strange plants, pretty much anything different. As a family our collection is a fish, a miniature dachshund, 2 venus flytraps, 2 fancy rats and 2 Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches joined the clan this morning. She makes me laugh and smile about 1,000 times a day. My favorite thing to see is her playing baseball in that farm field. She might be in the outfield and practicing pitching or playing in the sand… but when she is up to bat I love to see her little knees bent and butt out… bat up in the air ready to swing. Sometimes she hits home plate and I just want to nibble her cheeks… that kid.

So today was a good day. Cupcakes and treats and birthday presents, Lucy enjoyed being a super special Lucy. We had dinner with Matt, which was super weird, but Lucy requested. We are good parents and grow ups so Lucy got her wish. After celebrating Lucy’s big day with their dad we headed to the playground and home for a movie night. As per her request she got a big bowl of popcorn with salt and melted butter (not the healthy stuff). So here we are sitting and watching Clue eating buttery popcorn… waiting until 10:46pm so Lucy can finally be 7… for her sister insists she is totally still 6.

Happy Birthday Lucy Marie Musto my ball player and silly collector of weird things… I love you (and I know you love me more than all the universes and 100 trips around Mars) but I love you more, it is my job. Thank you for being you, just the you that you are.


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