A day in the life…

Sometimes I get to the end of the day and feel like I have moved like 1000 miles that day. When I think about the day… I realize it was kind of 1000 miles. From wake up to plop down I laugh at the things that were in that day… in order to move 1000ish miles in a day one must have a good sense of humor for the things that just don’t go as planned. I find that the only way to sum it up at the end of the day is my thought… a day in the life. No one else is picked for this set of days, just me. I find myself laughing often as I am plopped down, recalling the day. My girls are funny (and terds)… they are often pulled into this crazy life and days. Those chicks can ride the rollercoaster with me, they are awesome nappers at Maddie’s Spot… see we are balanced like that.

A day in the life of me is chock full of change it ups and plan B’s. The other morning in all the normal craziness of drop offs and errands and meetings, Lucy and I got into the car and we almost puked- it smelled like a dead carcass (Lucy’s words). We searched for the stink, and found it- all wrapped in a Hannaford bag. Four days of cooking in a car and that pork roast smelled way more dead than it was when I purchased it. Comically I had to drive around all day and leave my windows down… for fear that the smell had infused in the car, and dinner plans were changed. I always buy pork roasts only to remember, when I get home, that my crock pot burnt up (cheers to plan B).

The mornings start out with a buncha reminders… grab your viola, feed the rats, let spark out, put the banana piece in the Hissing Cockroaches, Lucy did you feed your fish?, grab a hair thing there is lice at school, Amelia that needs leggings, Lucy move it- we don’t run on Lucy time… and so on and so on. Mornings are hectic to say the least. We are lucky if we make it to the bus stops on time…

Then my day gets to its normal crazy… the kind that requires a list to check off and a planned circle of driving so it is most efficient. Go to my bank, get gas, go to YMCA (try to get a good workout in), post office, pick up or drop off fingerprint necklaces, head to Albany Med (try to find my way and wish I had scrubs and Starbucks and a job there)… then maybe zip to Saugerties or Latham or wherever to drop off or meet with a family… then BOOM try to catch the busses (plan B pops in here sometimes). Then the afternoon of homework, snacking just right, making dinner, baseball… then couch. PLOP.

In the midst of that are tiny adventures, lots of mix ups, stops at the store for toilet paper and allergy meds… and quick naps at Madeline’s Spot.

The world thinks of vacation as Disney and exciting vacations with real preset up plans… I think of vacation as a week of sitting on Lake Ontario watching my girls swim, kayaking, cooking, bon fires and sunsets. I love doing something or doing nothing. I hate having preplanned things… I want to throw a hike in and visit my family. Vacation is a slowdown, not a speed up. I laugh sometimes when I think about the fact that my life and my girl’s life is Disney World- we go 1000 miles in a day sometimes. We live Disney, so when I take a break I want slow… I want to do something closer to 20 miles in a day.

A day in my life is like a marathon most days… but it’s my way. I am working to find more moments to be slower, but I don’t know if it is my way. I love this just the way it is… travelling, sharing, connecting, moving, living, smiling, crying, supporting and getting those 1000 miles into my day before I PLOP. After all it is just a day in the life of me…


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