… just a little bit broken

Sometimes the best laid plans go amuck, as they often do. I guess sometimes we need a reminder that we are just human and we break, literally. Here I am today, wishing I could go hike the Christman Preserve and catch some crayfish… but I am sitting on my couch watching Wonder Years and elevating my favorite ankle.


The worst part is the story kind of sucks!  I am all about adding humor or having a good story to go along with an injury… but this one is pretty much a mundane reminder to be careful and have your phone on you all.the.time. Here I was ordering pizza for dinner with a fave and her girls, trying to be economic. I normally order from a pizza place that ALWAYS comes to 40$… but I decided to try a different place. I was all proud of saving 17$, then while walking out with the pizzas I didn’t realize there was a step and… BOOM. I took a good digger, and this time, out of all the diggers I take- I needed help. The waitress and cook brought out ice and I loaded my big fat foot back into my Jeep and had to drive my girls and their friend home. I called Miss Jen and told her that I was hurtin’… and that our playdate changed from pizza date to babysitting. Mr. Rick got here and helped me hop to the car. We got to the urgent care… and I needed to get up to the 2nd floor… I made a split second decision to hop to the elevator (so I didn’t have to wait for a wheel chair).  I most definitely fell into the elevator- BOOM. They were awesome up there in that Bone and Joint urgent care… though they didn’t tell me my fat ankle was nothing, I guess they thought I needed a cast. So… I made the wheelchair ride of shame down to the cast room and braced myself for the rules.

All the while I tried to stay humorous and not cry. I kept thinking of all that I needed to do and all that I wouldn’t be able to do. I was sad that I won’t be able to get around. I thought about my huge pile of laundry, my yard work, my job… field days… best day ever’s… all of it. As I watched her wrap my leg, push up on my foot and keep my calf in a neutral position my heart hurt. I already felt stress of needing help, lots of it. I felt and still feel pretty darn sad.

I woke up this morning with this thought that we old people are so different when we are injured or healing. We old people, we immediately note what is wrong, what we are losing, how we can’t move or get around. We give into the bits of pain and complain. Then there are the kids I work with, that have huge surgeries or kids with broken bones. A young one, a kid, comes home from the ER or surgery- they just wake up and adapt. They don’t ponder for hours the things they can not do… they just adjust. They crawl different, they eat with their other hand, they figure it out with none of that crazy overthinking. I am cranky today, a bit sad and missing making steps on my Fitbit already. I am not going to be like this for long… I am going to figure it out. I am also going to pray that next week they let me get one of those nice walking cast boot things… I need a more attractive shoe for the Tea Party in a couple weeks.

On a funny side note Mr. Rick, with his witty sense of humor, reminded me that I saved the pizza. I still did my job and fed my kids, and a few others. This little glitch and pride buster of a fall… and I still provided tasty and non-messed up pizza. I will say that warranted a couple laughs. I also love that Miss Jen walked in with her lil ladies, salad, cupcakes and wine. She quickly poured a glass for me, to ease the pain. She is a good friend. At the end of the night, while getting my cast on, Mr. Rick reminded me of how I LOVE new accessories- I got to leave with new crutches and a lovely blue cast. I guess there was a plus in this mucky night.

So last week I was feeling really weak and heavy. I sat in bed and said (in my head) ‘good morning Madeline’ I followed up with a little side note to God- ‘I want to get stronger, I want my upper body to be stronger’. I guess I wasn’t specific… crutches create really awesome upper body and core strength. Maybe He has a sense of humor, like I try to. I think I need to be a little more careful in what I ask for…

So today I sit and watch Netflix and feel very glad I am super ready for the Best Day Ever tomorrow. I feel glad I have some pretty rockin’ people God placed in this life. I feel blessed that God sent Mr. Rick… he is kind and patient and caring. Like I said, I am a little sad and a little sore today… my pride is a little broken right along with my ankle- but I am here. I will be good, in fact I might be better. I am forced to slowdown, God did it again… He forced a slowdown… and I got new accessories.


One thought on “… just a little bit broken

  1. How apropos that I see this just as I’m getting ready for bed–I will be there tomorrow morning to help you set up with a group of ambitious girls–you can just sit in a chair and give orders!!


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