Ask and Ye shall receive… beans.

It is said that life began in a garden, so I guess it is safe to assume that gardens have lots of life in them today. Mine is doing pretty great right now, not the ones with flowers but the garden with my veggies in it. I hope to grab hold of my green thumb when I grow up and maintain a nice flower garden, but for now I need to put the work in for a product other than peaceful and pretty. I want to weed and see my cucumbers grow, I want to trim basil for dinner and use my peppers for a winter freezer of stuffed peppers. I want to see my investment grow and provide… and I want to someday have enough to give some away. I love it. Gardening has made me appreciate my food more, not letting it go to waste. I get creative with meals to use what we have and I challenge myself to creating cool dishes with only a certain number of ingredients. I guess I am competitive. I have made up some rockin’ good egg dishes or zucchini everything… and cucumbers in all dishes. It is a good lesson in cooking what we have, eating what is in season and not using anything other than dirt and cow poop to grow.

So I was out assessing my garden and pulling some weeds. I noted the few plants the squirrels screwed with and they didn’t grow. I let myself be a tiny bit mad about those awesome little terds, then I kept picking. My tomatoes are looking good, lots of green ones on the plants. My cucumbers are invading my grass, but I can.not.wait for a fresh one to cut up and eat. I was pretty impressed with the amount of green in my little garden, probably due to the HOT and the bits of rain. I found one single bean to pick and bring in. I almost bit it, but thought to save it for dinner or something, you know a little first veggie of the year celebration. I set it on my counter and tried to be glad for only one bean. I wondered what the heck I would do with my one bean, then I headed out for the am to workout and swim at a friend’s house.

I left with my one bean on the counter, and we swam for a while at a friend’s pool… only to get a call to come grab some bags of produce from her garden. She had spent all morning and early afternoon weeding, picking and collecting her grown gifts. I showed up and grabbed the goods- zucchini, cucumbers and beans- many beans. I told her thank you and my friends divvied up the veggies. I came home and put those beans- yellow, green and purple into a bowl and was excited to snip and eat those beans. When I looked at my counter at my lone bean and my beautiful bowl of beans I had this thought “God provides”. I couldn’t do much with my one bean, but a friend gifted me some more and with those we had a healthy meal. I left my house wondering what to do with my one bean and came home with the answer…

I wouldn’t say it was equal to multiplying fish and bread for followers, but it was a little note of significance, a reminder that He provides. He sends in the necessary goods, He gifts you stronger upper body strength (via terrible, awful crutches)… He sends beans to the ‘bean-lackers’. I left with the feeling that my ‘bounty’ was little and I needed to wait it out- and came home with a full bag of ‘bounty’.

For me these moments remind me of the funny in life, of the importance of seeing God’s ways and sense of humor. I see there lil God pokes as reminders He is here always and He is taking care of this pile of Musto Chicks in the ways He sees fit. After this God poke of granting beans… I feel the need to put it out there that we need an Abe Lincoln to come forward and remedy this beautiful country. Who knows maybe my hope and wonder aligns with His for once….


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