Sparky Smiles.

Yesterday was a rainy day… the kind you don’t mind but you can’t get the energy to do anything productive. The girls got dropped off and we watched a movie with breakfast… which I didn’t cook until about 1030. It was one of those days. I thought about going to the gym, but thought better of it and we Redboxed a couple movies and snuggled. In the hustle and bustle of summer it is nice to sit in a cooler and darker house and just veg. I am glad though today, I see little bits of sun starting to shine through the clouds.

Yesterday the girls rocked the creative play. They dressed up… and did makeup and hair. Lucy delivered me a platter of tea and cupcakes, and the girls used a cupcake game to do their own Cupcake Wars (note to self: it is hard to judge a cupcake competition with fake cupcakes and neither of my girls likes to be the one that is let go). Lucy donned a dress with hummingbirds that reminded her of our Aunt Jane and Meme wore high heels and a twirling dress. As I washed dishes I heard a little bit different play, I heard things get pulled into the living room and the dog was captured from her perch in the dining room. I figured no one was fighting and I didn’t hear Sparky upset so I just washed those dishes and did some meal prep. I got called in to see their lovely dog display and asked to take a picture. I mean honestly a black dachshund dressed in pink rain boots, is picture worthy. I was told to not peek for the next dress up and the next… and so the day went on with lots of Sparky dress ups. They pulled the old stroller from the garage and took her for walks up and down our street. Sparky looked a little embarrassed in build a bear undies and a stroller- but loved the attention. I believe Lucy even ‘snuck’ her 2 pieces of bologna for being a good model.


I don’t normally just post about our days, the normalness in them. I feel like we need a little bit of normal and positive in this world. I see the need for a few Facebook smiles. Maybe just maybe you need to see a post with a dressed up dachshund instead of politics or heavy news… who knows <3. I took Facebook off my cellphone to just BE more and not see all of the worry and stress and anger and negative. I quite like it…

So, along with a little bit of sunlight coming through the clouds, enjoy your day all of you Polka Dot Tree Climbers… chin up and be glad today that your work day doesn’t consist of many outfit changes, a couple pairs of build-a-bear undies (with tail holes) and American Girl rain boots- all for 2 pieces of bologna.



PS No animals were harmed in the making of this lovely rainy dark day.


One thought on “Sparky Smiles.

  1. I love that your took FB off of your phone. I think I should follow your lead…
    Despite the different paths.. I hope you always know that you and the girls continue to be in my nightly prayers and daily thoughts. Xo.


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