As we wait…


Today there is a miracle happening, well I think there are millions of miracles happening, but today is one little guy’s miracle. Life is a miracle, every bit of it. I sat last night under the stars with some of the most important people in my life and I thought about the miracle in it. I thought about the perfectness of the night, the weather, the company and the stars. It was a simple miracle, the kind we could just chalk up to normal. Why would I see a night as a miracle? Life is a miracle. There is so much to pull us from enjoying simple, from being happy, from living- we wait for miracles all.of.the.time. My miracle last night was an hour of giggling girls while I held hands with my most important gift in the past two years. Simple. Some might even say it was not a miracle, but I know the truth.


While we sit and wait, and wait… we put off happy and living, life is happening. Living is happening. The good stuff is always around us, mixed right in with the excruciating, ugly and hard. We wait to be grown up, we wait for a time when we can do what we love, we look back and regret things we did- only to wait for a time to do something else… all the while missing all.of.the.freakin.amazing right here in this spot. We wait to live…

Today’s miracle is a different kind of wait… a waiting for life in a way that gifts life and living. We have a little Best Day Ever Miracle waiting, well almost not waiting for his lifesaving liver, his chance to live. All of his waiting was done with fear and bleeds, trips to Boston, plans lost to hospital stays, siblings who are his biggest fans and miss a lot of life to be that fan for him. His waiting was hard, hard on his body, hard on his family… imagine a 4 year old who can’t do all that he should right now… spending time with whichever parent can bring him to Boston for extended stays. Today is his miracle. Today is the day the gift of a new liver will be delivered to his fighting body, giving him a chance to grow and really live. Today is his miracle.

The wait for his miracle is complicated… waiting for another parent to kiss their lovely goodbye. This miracle is a twofold one, the miracle that one moms child will die and live on and another child will grow and honor that donor with many more ‘one more days of living’. The beauty and miracle intertwined with the hard…

Last night I sat after seeing the news that this little guy was to receive this gift… wondering about what Madeline’s gift did for others. Her impact beyond her organ donation was HUGE, but what would it be like to hear Madeline’s valves or tissue in another’s heart. What would it be like to know the person who can SEE because of my lovely lady’s hazel peepers? Her miracle was twofold or 50-fold… I think her miracle is still unfolding. I sat under the stars with my miracles right here on earth, knowing that my missing miracle was right there. She always is, right on my shoulder as Lucy tells me.

I live my life knowing that everything is a miracle. I look at my daughters and see the fact that they are here, they grew in my womb and thrive out here… that’s a freakin’ miracle. How could such a complex process not be a miracle- to look at Amelia’s feet and see that they are an exact replica of mine, or to see this tiny pinch of skin on Lucy’s that is just like her Grammie’s ear pinch. God is in the code that write our DNA… He is in the gift is the ability to develop cures, treatments and the complex and dangerous duties of organ donation.

Today’s miracle is a big one. There are two families who need prayers, one who is grieving and one who is feeling blessed. There are surgeon’s and teams who need prayers for everything to go smoothly. There is a little boy who needs the power of prayer to lift him, for all he will endure. I know this little man will honor and love that liver and that donor… he will grow knowing his gift.

Send love and prayer… to that momma who said goodbye, to that momma who will see her son well… to all involved to see the miracle right next to the hard…


PS don’t live waiting. Live. Look back at this life and know you rocked your story, you lived the best you could. We don’t get to know much about life beyond this very second, make sure you honor your seconds and your miracles.


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