They’re Baaaacckkk!!!

After 9 whole days with no Musto Chick’s to hang out with they are back! I missed those chickens, muy mucho. I missed our movie nights, so last night we snuggled for ‘Pay it Forward’ and another good one. While snuggling we saw a new and uninvited friend in our house full of pets and people; we have a mouse! He will not be joining our family or visiting for long… in fact I am hoping he loves peanut butter laced traps. We were rescued by the brave and kind Mr. Rick and his ability to set traps and not freak when his fingers get ‘trapped’. (Crisis averted).

Back to the movie and the snuggling… and the missing. This week was a good week, a quiet one. It wasn’t all crazy and full, but instead simple and quiet. I normally fill my days up with meetings, lunch, events and nights out with friends. I just wasn’t feeling it this week, I kind of stayed on the quiet side. I must have needed it, today was a welcome bit of crazy. I am ready for this week and next week to come at me… then comes September which is another story.

Snuggling with my girls I noticed some changes. Lucy’s little teeth aren’t as little anymore. Her front teeth have come in with a nice gap that I love. Amelia rocks cartwheels and is attempting bolder round offs. She is more confident and excited, she couldn’t wait to try on the school jeans that came while she was gone. She did a nice fashion show of skinny jeans and longer tees, cute leggings and a new cardigan. She loves fashion, she loves details. Lucy rocked her new jeans and little Gap tees in orange and blue and gray… she does not want ANY pink or purple in her wardrobe. She loved her new striped shorts for the beginning of school. I looked at my young girls and saw two kids who fit in sizes that used to look so freakin’ big.

I remember a time when their clothes were so small that one pair of jeans now would make 3 then. I remember the shoes being 3 inch long crocs in bright and bold colors… now we shop for boots and flats and Teva sandals. It’s crazy how fast it has all happened… I mean in 9 days Lucy’s whole smile changed. She is no longer the Lucy with the mostly toothless with a bit of vampire smile… but she is Lucy with her big girl teeth smile. Meme is not the lady with the Gymboree dresses and outfits I chose… she is her own little person with her own fashion sense. She loves to choose things and try them on and paint her nails. They can walk down the street and visit friends… life is fast.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was constantly on chase duty, breaking up food for little fingers, dropping kids off to preschool, nursing and cooking dinner, changing diapers and using Target as my favorite daily getaway. I remember how hard things were, the tantrums… trying to eat dinner out. I remember the 3 people who loved to burrow next to me and my Boppy. I remember in those days being impatient to see one of my girls lose a tooth or going to school or not needing me… I looked forward to the day when I would get that carefree break and I told myself back then I would not miss this. I looked at those mommas who could go to parties and not make 3 plates at one time, the ones that could sit in the park and read… the ones who are past chase duty. I was jealous of them…

I am now that momma. I am so not going to tell you to regret looking forward but let yourself be right there too. I love where we are now, but I miss where they were back then. I finally get that time, but I miss them. I finally get to sit on the bench at the park, but partly because they run so fast with their friends that I can’t keep up. I can enjoy a bonfire while my kids stay safe distances away but they eat their S’mores and run off. I make my own plate at parties, heaven forbid I put something healthy on Lucy’s plate. I don’t look back and wish I could change it, I don’t look forward and not want them to grow… I don’t look at right now and want to turn them back in time. I just like to reflect on how much faster it went than I meant it to. Things I thought would drive me to the edge, somehow got better… they grew.

I am very glad they enjoyed their 9 days, but I am so glad to have them back home. This place missed them. Sparky needed her girls to lick, the bedrooms felt empty and it was too quiet here. They are home now, and we prepare for the next round of adventures this weekend and school next week <3. I am sure I will look at these girls in 3 months and wonder why their jeans shrunk shorter… why their smile has changed- I will be reminded that it happens faster; faster than I meant it to.


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