Running my Rat Race…

Running my Rat Race…

As I sit tonight for like the first time (minus the tiny little car I drove to and from Boston) I am reflecting… on all the running that is in my life now.

Only a few years ago my running looked SOOOO different. I ran races and long runs, many runs with friends. I ran to the grocery store and to preschool pickup. I ran errands. I ran into friends out and about, sometimes planned and sometimes a surprise. I ran a house- and in doing that created a home. I ran after little ladies with little, fast and naughty legs. I ran into a lot of baby gates and young children toys… I ran a lot.

Today the running looks different. I often miss the kind of running where I move (albeit slowly) and lift my feet up and down on the pavement. I am trying ever so hard to get more of this running in my day (night, weekends… pretty much always). I of course still run to the grocery store for the norms… which includes less of the lunchy foods and different foods for snack. I still run errands and errands and errands… only now they often include grabbing things for events and other families. Now-a-days I run events?!!? I know, it impresses me that people trust me to remember important details and create events that are made to raise funds or celebrate a child. I run a house, but not to the standards I once did, and most of the time it feels like a home. I run to my girls school to pick up or drop off. I run around school working and trying to keep track of my students and my tasks… I really really hate trying to run the copier. It is funny how the same task looks so freakin’ different in such a short time…

I wonder what this world that is my Rat Race will look like in 5 or 12 or 37 years… let’s hope I am still running and running and enjoying.

The constant state of running is definitely heightened in September… I mean it is an awesome month for many reasons. It is the end of summer and the freedom it brings, it is the start of school and schedules and new socks and undies. September is a huge month for events for Maddie’s Mark and other groups. It is the month set aside to raise awareness and knowledge for Childhood Cancer… so I work to spread Gold anywhere I can. September this year has some amazing opportunities for me, which I am excited about. I keep praying that God will work the next thing into my rat race soon… maybe a book or some speaking engagements.

This past weekend was one of those live the rat race second by second. Run and run and run… until tonight comes and I can plop my bottom in this Lazyboy and think it out. Maddie’s Mark had the 5th Annual 5k and Fall Festival… to just say it was amazing would be an understatement. If you were there you felt the energy… if you weren’t I will describe it. Imagine standing surrounded by 400+ people all hearing your words about Madeline and Sparky (because my dog had to make a scene while I was talking…). Imagine all of those people were happy and full of energy, preparing to run for a cause they may already know or are just hearing about. So- picture 400+ people happy and positive and excited and knowing Madeline in some way or another… surrounding you as you greeted them, thanked them and stood with them. It is a powerful and positive energy builder… I felt like it was God sending some extra for me to get through the rat race this month. The rat race of awareness and sharing, of planning a huge best day ever, of the Golf Classic and speaking work. He gifted me with a blast of positive energy and clarity that this is the way…

I couldn’t let go of the smile. Watching people who had set goals and push was awesome. The winner for the first time was a STRONG and fast female… she thanked me! I was standing there hugging her thinking about how I am so grateful she came, she ran and she conquered. To stand and give out medals with my daughter at the finish line… it is the best. To see a person finish who had never done a 5k is the best. I love putting medals on kids who rock it and run… it is awesome. I was so tired at the end, but I got in that tiny car and drove to Boston and felt this inside energy. I was tired still… but it was different.

I know that the energy from that day was a gift from The Big Guy and so many of our herd to keep us all going… to keep the Go Gold moving, to create Best Day Ever’s for families and to use our voices to do good work.

I am sitting here, resting my vocal chords. I know it would surprise many of you, but I have lost a fair amount of my voice. I feel like it is a little God joke that the day after my poor deep and raspy voice is injured I have a radio interview with a really lovely lady on the Catholic Radio station. I know the energy from the weekend is carrying me forward and keeping me strong… but could you keep my vocal chords in your prayers tonight- and heck while you’re at it ask The Big Guy what my next direction is…


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