Welcome tiny rainbow…

In the middle of the storm it is so hard to see your way out, to see a good thing to come. While we work to just get by in those very trying times, we struggle to see that it can be light- then comes the rainbow.

After the hardest, darkest and most difficult storms… many times we get to stand in the light and see that beautiful gift, that rainbow. I am a firm believer in joy and pain- the way they ride right next to each other. Life is amazing laced with pain- then comes the rainbow.


My daughter loved rainbows, they were her favorite color. She drew them over and over… and I know that they are little gifts for me when my world is dark. She was busy leaving her mark for me when I needed it, she is my rainbow. I wish that my rainbow had a little Madeline sitting there for me, but I know that the end of the rainbow looks different for me. My rainbow ends in heaven.

For many months so many have awaited and prayed for a tiny little rainbow. We watched almost patiently as he grew week by week… and month by month. We got to feel the joy and pain, the excitement laced with fear… as his brave mom shared her journey to meet her rainbow. My heart rejoiced and hurt when we found out Tiny was a boy, I felt that fear and excitement for her as she and her husband enjoyed their baby showers. It broke my heart to know how many times that didn’t happen for her… to see it happen was very special. We waited to know how tiny Tiny might be… or what name he would get to put on his kindergarten registration and resume. Joy and pain, it is the way of life. So many blessings come out of the ashes of loss and hurt.

Tiny Bish came to join us out here in this crazy world. He already started to fill his niche and purpose, he started that early in his journey. He is a little miracle that we all cheered and prayed right along with his parents to meet. What a mess he is entering into, politics and unrest… hate. Oh but- what a family he is entering into, he will grow with love and tolerance and compassion and his rainbow story… to be the best person he should be. His parents and family and community- the same ones that prayed so hard to meet him will help build him to not feed hate, to change our world and to enjoy life with all of its joy and pain.


Welcome to this crazy world Dominic. We have been waiting for you. Your momma has bravely shared her journey to meet you with us, and I know that this part of your story will build you to be a very special human. Enjoy this ride… this crazy, beautiful, broken, painful, perfect and joyful ride… for it is your ride. You my dear were born for this very ride… watch for your rainbows, jump over those puddles, grab hold of The Big Guy during those storms…

This is your ride, enjoy it not-so-tiny-Tiny-Bish… aka Dominic Alexander Bish.


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