I am Thankful.

I love when I get to share others words and pieces in guest posts, to help them share the bits of them that others can use to build themselves better.  This is a special piece to share, read and let it open your heart and remind you of hope for the future.  This lovely is thankful for the best things, to be 7 and see the world this way is a gift.  So read and share with any who could use a bit of the amazing in life… God and comfort and confidence and a grateful heart- right along side the hard and painful.

I am Thankful

Written by:  Lucy


“I have so much to be thankfull for. I am thankfull for god. I love god he created evry thing. I am thankfull for friends. My friends are viry kind and wunderfull. I am thankfull for famly. My sister olwy’s take’s kir of me win I am sad. I am thankfull for pet’s. My rat oryeo is viry fat and big and cute. I am thankfull for food. My re frigurater is full of terky stuffin and cranbires. I am thankfull for me. I have a lot of memry’s of maddy. I go on vacashin and get cool thing’s. I have a good life. I olwy’s love my life no buty has a beter life then me but I have a broke ❤ hart. My sisters dide and me mom and dad got a divors. ”


Thank you for your permission to share Lucy.  What a gift you have and what an amazing perspective you have, God did well when He made you.


Read.  Enjoy.  Change.  Comment.  Share.



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