New year and new gear…

I am that girl.  You know that girl who loses things pretty often, misplaces her keys 100 times a day and spills seltzer on her keyboard.  I went through several cellphones one year, only the first was my fault.  I mix up plans and dates and times.  I fail miserably at being on time sometimes.  I forget to text people right back and get overwhelmed with too many emails.  Last week in an effort to hook up a new 3d viewer toy for my girls and their cousins- I factory reset my phone.  I lost it all… all of those pictures that were taking up so much space.  I kept it together, and reminded myself ‘little deal ‘ in the grand scheme.  I sat down on New Year’s Eve to write a post and share… and I spilled seltzer on the keyboard.

All of the sudden the C key and the V key would.not.type.  The mousepad thing stopped working and I could not navigate through windows and get to my files.  They are all there behind what is open, I just can not get to them… it is frustrating.  I again reminded myself ‘little deal’… and then reminded myself again, and again.  Sometimes it is hard to remember something that is a ‘little deal’.


Ruining my laptop got me in mode to shop for a new laptop, something I have never done a alone.  It was fun and scary… and confusing.  All and all I think I did well, and I am currently figuring out how to use it and set it up.  I keep telling myself this time I will totally stay organized and not let my desktop look like a messy desk.  I will settle with ‘I will try to keep it organized’.

I feel like a grown up, starting the New Year with some grown up gear, it even has the number keyboard on the side.  If I can figure out how to connect my printer I will be golden.  Sometimes it is funny to me that my brain can plan a party or a renovation at someone’s home and it can’t comprehend how electricity works or what to do when my printer is offline (what line? where did it go off?).  I am a grown up, or maybe this is a Grown Ass Woman moment?… nah, not bold or important enough.  I will settle with a grown up moment.

I do love the stories behind all the mishaps, the humor in life keeps me going.  I managed to lose my winter coat a few weeks ago, either at Albany Med on Thanksgiving or a Hockey Game in Massachusetts, one can never be sure.  It was all fine and dandy until I got to go to Lake Placid AND the Artic Freeze visited Albany.  Brrrrr…. well Santa bought me a new jacket, but I couldn’t wear it until Christmas.  I froze a little  for a few days, but I was grateful when Santa left it for me… along with a note “I hear you lost your jacket, try to keep track of this one ❤ Santa”.  He is a funny soul…

Sometimes life is just funny, we must chalk it up to funny.  I am who I am, though I should keep seltzer away from my laptop and keep track of my keys… my coat… my purse… all of it.  I do know, I can only do so much… so I will try to keep track of myself for now.  I am a grown up laptop purchasing lady, and I am ready for the New Year.  I got this, even if I lose my purse or data or photos… sometimes it’s nice to be lighter and since I can’t seem to get skinny I might as well count my losses and smile while I am lighter….



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