Lil Curveballs create slow downs…

Sometimes the curveball is an itty bitty stomach bug…

I was exhausted all week, a week full of working and normal afterschool commitments.  I felt the lack of energy this week, I know a mix of grey weather and dark nights… mixed in with too much on my plate.  I woke up today to work out and just felt heavy.  My 30 minutes on my elliptical took forever and felt like SOOOOO much work.  I was mad at myself when I got off the machine, mad that I felt weak and not strong.

The morning started like normal… “wake up girls, yes I know you don’t want to… wake up”, a quick shower for me and then continuing to wake up those girls… they are definitely not easy to wake up in this dark morning weather.  Finally all were out of bed, all were getting dressed, eating breakfast and feeding all the pets.  I felt icky still and annoyed at how few steps I had accumulated during that workout.  I pulled my hair up, brushed my teeth and did my makeup… I thought about skipping my eyeshadow but vanity got the best of me and I fancied up.  Just as we were getting ready to head to Meme’s bus stop… I knew my day would look.very.different.  After getting sick, I saw my mascara and thought what a freakin’ waste… might as well have pjed up today.

After calling in sick, from my sub job… kind of ironic to do that, I got the girls on busses.  I took a nice nap in my heated blanket and felt so much better when I got up.  I took the day as one to stay slow and just not count steps… to be soft to me.  I felt better but didn’t take on lots, but I know today was a bit of a message.  I know many can look at a stomach bug as a piece of hell that attacks their normal… but I see it differently.  It stinks, but honestly perspective can make everything stink; perspective can make everything great too.  Today had a crap moment, but I got a nap in my warm and freshly made bed.  I felt better after lunchtime and honestly enjoyed a 1990’s Ashley Judd movie quietly on my couch.  I had some toast and seltzer and burrowed…

The girls got home and I organized my upstairs pile of clothes and things… now I sit and enjoy them before they head out to their fathers for the weekend.  I guess maybe this was one of those, those moments that tell you to slow down and catch up.  I joked all week that this workin’ 5 days a week was for the birds, maybe God and the stomach bug agreed and knocked me out for day 5.  So today I rested… there are many little and amazing things I got to work on while sitting and resting.  A best day ever for a lovely with DIPG, who we are working to create her Heaven for… and bills and emails and more.  I guess my taking it easy isn’t really my style… but today was a low energy day for me. 

So… I am catching up, I am working and I am getting there… it feels good to be getting things organized and having time.  It feels good to answer my emails and catch up even mixed with a stomach bug.  I guess as always there is a light to dark…


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