A Best Day Ever Sky…

Sometimes I get the opportunity to do something really special for my daughters.  Those two work hard to create best day ever’s for family’s, they share Maddie’s Mark and their sister relentlessly… and they get up early and stay up late attending meetings and helping me create connections.  Those chicks are more than my sidekicks, they are my associates.  They love up on kids, kids that have truly different and difficult journeys.  My girls have sat with kids with no hair and laughed, they have attended funerals for their friends and they are the most brave and amazing kids I could have been blessed with.

So… back to this weekend.  Amelia and I have been working on and planning a new bedroom for her.  Last year I tackled Lucy’s and changed the feeling from nursery and little one’s to more her- blue and dinosaurs, super heroes and all things stuffed animals.  It was very Lucy.  This year it was time to tackle Meme’s room.  The last time I painted and prepped that room I was bold and didn’t want a theme.  I loved the bright colors… coral and teal and yellow and lime.  Madeline’s big girl room was yellow and had a big iron bed and bright bedding.  I loved it.  It was perfect for all of those years, it grew with her and the girls.  Before long there were 3 little ladies who slept together every.single.night.  I would check on them and they would be all intertwined, I used to wonder HOW it was comfortable.  Fast forward to now… 2 separate bedrooms for my 2 different girls here on Earth.  Sometimes… I sneak in and those 2 are intertwined and sleeping together and my heart hurts and loves it.

I got to finish, with the amazing help of Rick, Amelia’s dream bedroom- her best day ever.  I have bought bedding, a rug and looked at paint samples for almost 2 months.  This weekend Rick and I put it all together.  He once again helped me take the idea in my brain and recreate it in realtime.  He once again did it ever so patiently… and wasn’t even annoyed when I asked him to do this one more thing to make it just right… or to hang blinds.

Amelia got home tonight and I couldn’t wait for her to see it… I was excited and nervous (she has high expectations).  Amelia opened the door and was in awe… she just smiled.  She told me it was just right.  She really loved the shelf I we made out of a pallet… yesterday while driving we found it… sanded it and whitewashed it- Voila! a shelf.

I love the feel of the room when you walk in, it is still bright and happy, but mature.  It isn’t my little Madeline’s room but… Amelia’s grown room.

Time marches on, as it always does.  Children grow and change… unless they don’t.  My ladies keep on growing, because ‘God just keeps giving them one more day’ (Lucy).  So as time keeps going things change and my girls keep getting more mature and grown- rooms will change, shoes will get bigger and booster seats won’t be needed…

Today was simple and full, movies and some work with my Mr. Rick and then Sunday dinner with my girls.  Amelia can’t wait to sleep in her new bedding and I am content.


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