Snow Day Blessings…

Just what the Doctor ordered, only God sent it instead.  Today is a beautiful, white, cold SNOW DAY!!!  I was surprised and glad when I saw the text… I only wish I had seen it before so I could sleep in.  Little deal.

While I am busy enjoying a day of Netflix movies, Nicolas Sparks and Untamed Heart… the girls are playing Calico Critters in their rooms and outside in their snow pants.  My windows are covered in our homemade snowflakes… and now layers of real snow.  The snow keeps coming… the pine trees in my yard are carrying the snow on their branch shelves.  I didn’t even know to anticipate this day in… what a treat.

I love the slow that snow brings… I grew up in an area that snow would only gift us a snow day if it was a severe lake effect storm or an ice storm.  Weather is different here near Albany.  Lake effect doesn’t get spoken here, there is no Lake Ontario nearby to plop feet of snow down.

When the girls were young it was the best on snow days… we would head to target and wander.  Noone would be out and about… I was free to wander and get the girls snacks while we walked.  I could peruse the clearance forever and just get some movement it, while there weren’t a bunch of people there.  I loved stopping fast and letting my Jeep slide, just a little.  Being silly while we drove home, while the girls laughed and sometimes slept.  I miss those snowy Target dates… I can only imagine how many things I came home with that were only semi needed…


Today I busted out my real camera.  I looked through the memory on my lovely Canon Rebel T3 and I haven’t picked her up since the first day of school.  I didn’t feel like it.  I put her and the full memory card away.  I had to charge the battery, but I knew that I needed to get today on a memory card- not a cellphone.  I needed to have today on the real camera.

Smiles in the snow.  Important moments that need to be tangible and there for the future.  I miss that camera, the way she feels and the moments she catches.  I would be so mad at myself now if me 7 or 5 or 3 years ago could yell at me.  I will try to remember to keep charging that battery and getting new memory cards… catching those moments.  Smiles in the snow…

I love today.  I love simple at home days… especially when there is nothing pulling us to do something else.  Today home is a little sanctuary… a little bit of being stuck right here in this place, surrounded by snow and cold and 2 girls playing make up and super heroes and vet…

Enjoy your snow days, either at home or at work… or maybe you are somewhere warm.  Enjoy today, even if it isn’t what you planned or prepped for… that is the way of the world, the way of life.


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