Success and Connections.

 In all of the crazy of these past few years, I reflect back on all of the connections.  I write about it a lot, maybe too much.  The connections are my reminders that life is a beautiful woven fabric… threads connected.  What an amazing and unique fabric my life is…

Last year I got to connect with a Newscaster who has become a super special friend.  We started meeting to work on a project, one of those fun ones that sharing lots helps create.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when we first met, but I was pleasantly surprised.  She was real and just like me… with a nice twist of way more organized and maybe a spoonful of Type A.  I fell in love with her… I felt comfortable with her… we shared and shared… and shared.  I am sure she had to sleep for a whole day to let her mind get through the fast and crazy amount of information I spoke quickly.  Thankfully for me- we got to meet many times. 

JoDee has this great grown up job- she is the Morning News Anchor for TWC News.  She wakes up at an ungodly time and gets her face beautified and she delivers the important stuff through the morning.  She uses her voice and words to help others, her ambition to help build other’s to be stronger and build themselves better and more confident.  I love that about her.  I love our conversations and the normalness that her 3 kids and big cats bring to our conversations.  JoDee is a driven lady, a strong mama, a builder… I love all those things.

I am learning oodles from her, though I want to keep my solid Type B personality- she pushes me to try to connect to my inner Type A.  She pushes me to be more organized and visualize.  A few months ago I attended a ‘Vision Board’ party… I was late (it was an accident).  I worked on my vision board and the words I wanted this year to be… kind of a way to see it and make it happen.  I love doing this, chalking out time to look forward in a creative way.  This schedule party encouraged this in me, or maybe I was just held me accountable…


A vision board is a great image to work out to.  If I had a home office I would place it in front of my desk… but a pillow on my lap, a couch full of Musto Chicks and Netflix are my office.  I work out and see those words… I try to engrain them into my being.  If I keep reminding myself to create, build, work, smile and BE me… it should be a habit soon right???

Anyway… we have been working on a project the past several months.  I have been bugging my friend to BEGIN and take her leap for her Podcast.  JoDee is finally starting her Podcast and working to highlight success and people who build this world better.  We need this… we need builders.  I love connecting to builders… especially when we can help build better and stronger TOGETHER. 

You know God and His threads… weaving these amazing fabrics.  The gift is seeing it all… I love that part.  I love being challenged and learning new things… I love connecting and feeling the building we are doing.  I especially love when friendship forms and a whole different dynamic can start… I am very excited for some of the opportunities JoDee brought to me… I am excited for all that we will get to build better together.  I am grateful for this thread and friend… to work together.

Jodee Kenney is working to launch her Podcast and help support and share Madeline (best kind of support ever).  She has heard and felt so many parts of Madeline’s story… she wants to build others to know this.  I love when we meet up and connect…

Connections… are little gifts, weaves in the fabric… that get the work done.  I love the day I met JoDee at Starbucks and talked for far too long… and drank too much caffeine.  The work we are doing together is important.  The work she is doing beyond is quite important too… if you are able to come March 1, 2017 do if not be there in spirit <3.  I would love if you took that time to remember those connections that are in your life, honor those gifts.



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