… Things life can throw at you

Lemons, Limes, Tornados, Stomach Bugs… etc. etc. etc.  I think the common theme in life is that plans change and nothing works out as we imagine it should.  It works out for the most part, but it looks really different than we thought it should.

I try to remind myself that I am not the Architect in this.  This fact should make us glad, but I think for the most part it infuriates people.  I am becoming darn good at the Plan B, at least I think I am.  I think it is pretty great that when the plan I imagined failed, it isn’t really my fault.  It is my reminder that I.do.not.design.the.real.plan.  I just try to…

I love the term ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade’ (and I love the limes and margaritas version too…).  This weekend, nothing went as planned.  I guess somethings did, the tee shirts were amazing, designed by Madeline herself.  Many awesome people got together to share Madeline and embrace another family who just joined the Childhood Cancer Family.  The weather, as it can act up at any time, decided to get all crazy and drop some tornados near Alex Bay.  The planners of the Polar Bear Dip had to make a tough call and improvise with the pool.  This was one of those moments, the ones where we choose to build or break people and life.  There were many very mad people, that really wanted to dip (odds are they have never jumped in a freezing river before)… they were just mad.  I get it.  Mad is the first feeling… but the more important feeling is empathy.

Imagine planning an event, one that so many enjoy but requires MANY added safe guards.  The planning team is responsible for the safety of the jumpers, and they had to make the hard/sad call.  I felt sad for them.  I have planned many events that nature hops in and ruins the plan… it isn’t fun to say ‘no’.  I felt for those planners, and I looked forward to next year’s dip… maybe, maybe I will rock a bikini or a mermaid suit?!?!?

I like to take my lemons and make kick butt margaritas, crap I mean limes.  I put my loud voice on and got a little bossy and decided we would freeze our bodies anyway… in a safer place.  I told everyone to get their junk and head to the beach down the road… we were going to get cold for Trevor.  Off to the beach we went for a plunge… this of course didn’t go as planned but as is life.  We all got cold and Lucy did her first Polar Plunge too (brave chica).  It wasn’t what we imagined but it did the job… it reminded me that life is chock-full-a-plan-B.  God reminded us to take that tornado and make some … lemonadeish.

Today, or rather during last night, Lucy secured herself a nice stomach bug and we spent the night cleaning sheets and trying to get some zzzzz’s.  I hate seeing my kiddos sick.  She was so sad.  We had a plan today.  We were going to wake up at 6:15am and get on the road so we could enjoy some Delorenzo Boy hockey games.  I didn’t want Mr. Rick to miss his boys games.  Life threw us some lemons, or maybe a need for Clorox wipes.  I sent Mr. Rick back to Albany and burrowed in bed with Lucy, hoping she felt better.  I was sure I could rent a car easily… only I was in Watertown on a Sunday.  Renting a car is not easy in Watertown on Sundays…

After a crappy experience with Rent a Wreck (hey I didn’t name them…), I happened upon a rockin’ awesome Enterprise shop.  I was consistently reminded that God wants me to practice patience (but I know He loves me even when I fail) … and to remember that this life is in His hands.  He is the architect, I am part of the drawing… I know nothing about the real plan.  This is liberating and annoying…

We made some lemonade from some lemons, only Lucy could drink or eat nothing… so she pretended.  Enterprise upgraded me, and the girls had reclining seats.  They no longer love my trusty old Jeep… they want new.  Thankfully or maybe hopefully, a new shiny car is NOT in my plan.  I love my trusty, slightly rusty, little boxy and scratched up Jeep.  The girls enjoyed the hot set of wheels and I just wanted to get home to my house… my couch, my rugs, my TV…

So… today could have been worse.  It could have been better.  It is what it was, exactly as crappy and amazing as it should have been.  We missed hockey, I overloaded my mom with puke bedding to wash and we spent a lot of time trying to come home… but here we are enjoying steak sandwiches, watching Storks and ready for tomorrow.  Lemons à Lemonade (but I could go for a freakin’ margarita).

I learned some things to make my lemonade better next time.  I reminded myself and many others that life is life… it is crazy, complicated, heavy, awesome, fun, easy, painful and hard.  We are meant to live it, to entrust the grand plan to The Big Guy… and live on, make lemonade with lemons, margaritas from limes, best day evers from hard stuff, Plunges from Unsafe Dips… adventures out of stomach bugs and rental cars… life.

Life is hard.  It is harder when we fight accepting that we can’t plan, if you start reminding yourself of the skills of enjoying the broken plans.  Once upon a time… I had plans… I saw the future I imagined.  I thought I knew what it could and should look like… but here I am missing my Madeline and enjoying life after divorce… never-did-I-ever-imagine-this-very-spot… but here I am.  I am going to stay right here, right now- and get my Lucy better, unpack my house and let the girls tell me I am ghetto because my seats don’t recline.

Live.  Laugh.  Cry.  Accept.  Grow.  Grab on to Plan B.  Love your support.  Do the sad.mad.glad… let it go.  Run.  Dip.  Jump.  Break.  Build.  Drink your lemonade, or margaritas… stay safe from those tornados and try to keep fluids down in your stomach bug… it is all bits of life.


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