For the first time in forever…

Pardon my little ‘Frozen’ song clip.  Last night was the first time in forever that I wore high heel shoes, which sounds like a little deal.  Last year I injured my ankle, and since sprained my other one when I took a digger.  I have rocked boots and flats and sneakers for many, many months.  I miss my heels, like I miss my cocktail dresses (but not enough to get to a point that they fit).

Anyone who knows me knows I always had a kick butt pair of black heels on when I went out.  I told Rick early on, even though we are the same height I will always wear high heels.  I love how it felt to wear those shoes, I even liked the next day when my feet hurt some and I put on sneakers.  I felt worth it to feel confident and beautiful.  Hence the missing these past months of those shoes…

I had to go shopping for an outfit yesterday… to the mall… ugh.  I had a great purple tunic dress option I wanted to wear, but I made the mistake of wearing it to work on my Birthday.  One friend thought it would be prettier with a big circle where pressed his salami… and salami oil doesn’t come off well.  The mall was a punishment place yesterday… rude people who budge in front and bump into us… not to mention I brought the kids who kept fighting.  I found 2 cute dressed on clearance at JCP and wandered over to shoes.  It is there that I found them… a pair I have wanted to rock for a long time.  I grabbed them up and instantly got nervous for the night. 


The what if part of my mind wouldn’t stop bugging me… what if I step in a pothole, or fall all off the stage… what if I get off balance and fall and reinjure my ankle???  Last year at this event just after I spoke and thanked everyone I stepped back and my heel got stuck in a crack on the stage… and there was ALMOST a disaster… what if??? 

I took some deep breaths and got myself ready and buckled the shoes… I walked in feeling and looking confident.  I managed to not fall, to not trip and to not get my foot caught in the stage crack.  I made it!!!  For the first time in forever… I rocked a pair of hot black shoes.

Last night, along with the black shoes, was a great night.  Maddie’s Mark was honored by the Schenectady PBA with a comedy night.  It was wicked fun, my cheeks hurt.  I just love events like that… sitting in a room FULL of people some who have no idea who Madeline was and what we do, others who have supported all along.  It is a special gift to introduce them to Madeline, Maddie’s Mark and the amazingness of our community.  I love it, it gifts energy right to my soul.  It is like a bolt of sunshine that gives me the energy to get all the work I need to done.  I am grateful to all of those PBA planners, they did an excellent job planning and setting it up.

Remind me to laugh until my cheeks hurt more often, seriously.  Comedians gifts are some I wish I had been gifted, but alas I get to watch and hear.  Life is so serious, so busy and full of paying bills and picking up and going to work and all that jazz… stopping to laugh is pretty important.  I think it is up there with going to the beach or on a hike.  I feel fresh today, like the morning is well inside me.  I love comedy nights, even if I am the one getting picked on. 

Sometimes my song is ‘Let it go…’ but today it is ‘For the First Time in Forever’… I am content and grateful for an amazing night with some awesome people.  I am wicked glad for my new shoes, and for all of the adventures they will come along on.  Today I remind myself, as the sun shines into my living room, that life is good.  It is good and hard, but it is good.


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