Funny Story…

Funny Story…

Well we can see it as funny today- Sunday it was one of those reminders of stress, a bad mood and some gratefulness. The girls and I travelled back home this past weekend, through some crazy storms and torrential rain we made it for one of those dinners that was not only tasty but full. I got to catch up with my best friend and cousin… and there was an abundance of kids. I was pooped and reminded of that time not-so-long-ago that my girls were all so little… It was a good Friday night in Clayton, NY.

I love home… I love the pace, wake up and eat breakfast right before my Dad comes home on his bike for lunch… then find some adventure. This weekend was one full of no plans working, but a great day rolling out. We met up with JoJo and worked on some Best Day Ever work, visited our friends at the lake and then met my parents for dinner and icecream. It was a FULL day. We were pulling into the driveway Saturday night and my Dad told us “Quick go get your sneakers I want to show you something”. So we did, I ran inside and grabbed my sneakers and returned to my parents car for a late night adventure (well 10pm…). I rushed, but enjoyed…

Sunday morning we woke up and prepped to head back to Albany. I was ready to head out and meet my sisters to say good bye and eat some eggs in Clayton- but I could not find my keys. At first I wasn’t stressed- I looked in my purse, on the counter, in the seat cushions… then I got frantic. I unpacked the bags of clothes, I looked under seats, looked in my Mom’s car, rechecked the house… we spent hours looking. It was SO FRUSTRATING. I messaged my sister that we would miss breakfast, she said she would head over with her boys.  My mom kept praying to St. Anthony, St. Jude and Madeline… she told Amelia that she thought Maddie must be busy at the playground, since she normally helps. I took a break. I drank coffee and caught up with my Mary… and then rechecked all the spots I could. I finally asked Mr. Rick…

I asked Mr. Rick to bring my spare key to Watertown for me. I hate asking people for favors, let alone asking someone to drive 3 hours one way and 3 hours back to bring a 1” by 3” key to start my vehicle… I hate it. He did though. He brought me my key. I was, how does it go?…. Sad.Mad.Glad. I was grateful. I am grateful. I did treat him to a pitcher of margaritas and a scrumptious Mexican meal- but the thing is he didn’t need a ‘big thank’. He is just kind. I think I am most thankful for that… I have never had that.

Mr. Rick headed out to bring the key north and I was gifted a few hours with my little nephews. We took a walk to the playground and low and behold… a monarch butterfly was flying around. Amelia said “Mommy look- Madeline is on the playground.”… I told her to stop being a terd and help my find my keys.

The playground was great it reminded me of lots… the hill I used to roll down and the places I played. Then I reminisced… I remember when mine were little… they were so hard, so needy and so freaking cool. Everything was new to them, they were terrible friends and they loved every moment of attention they got from me… I miss that. My girls thought I was the world, I was the best entertainment and my smile was everything. Now my girls are independent… and I love it. They are themselves… they love me but it is different now. I got a few hours of the ‘before’ kind of love and curiosity- and I got to see my girls love up on those little ones. My little nephews are 1 and 2… everything is a learning experience, everything is new and amazing. I love it. I love those tiny teeth when they grin, I love how they cross their arms when they are all mad at us. They are not my kiddos to punish so I can smile at the moments when they are terds. I love their simple love though. I love seeing my sister be a mom. She will be a cool mom… and a good one too. I never knew that part of her before. Anyway… I’ll stop babbling.

I got a few hours with some cool itty bitty people and it filled my bucket. I miss those boys, I wish Albany was 2 hours closer… but it isn’t. So we just enjoy what we have. I think my favorite days with my family are the easy unplanned days… my sister would stop down with my niece and nephew and now my other sister brings her boys and sometimes we might get lucky and my brother’s kids are free. It is the best, way better than big holidays. I love seeing them all together. They are all linked with genetics and life and stories…


We got back to Albany and had to unpack and deliver fabric for a Best Day Ever. I unloaded the car and headed to make the delivery, a day’s work is never done. We got home and I took apart all the bags and things that were in the car. I threw some laundry in the washer and felt accomplished. I may have felt a little cocky… like “look at this I lost my key and still completed the day”. I tried not to feel bummed about only having one key and the fact that the Maddie’s Mark PO box key was on that ring. I just reminded myself… Little deal Erin. Relax.

Mr. Rick went home and the girls and I settled in to catch up on Gilmore Girls.

I opened the cooler to grab some seltzers, and opened the Hannaford bag with empty cans to recycle them. I heard a metallic clinking that didn’t sound like cans. Madeline, St. Anthony and St. Jude decided that this was my moment to find my missing keys. Those 3 have a great sense of humor…

I laughed and called Mr. Rick… told him I had a ‘funny story’ and hoped like crazy he would think it was funny too. The thing is he does not get mad at me for things like this, it is refreshing. I made a mistake, it happens- Little deal. That is a gift. I tried to call my mom, but I think she will discover that I found my missing keys in this post because I couldn’t get her. I was embarrassed and annoyed at myself, but I know there is a gift in life in just laughing at a mistake. I honestly hope the next mistake isn’t losing my keys… that would suck.

In a day that did not go as planned (do they ever?)… I got some extra snuggles, kisses, cars thrown at me, and lots of cute words. I got an unplanned day and a long car ride chat with Mr. Rick. I got to make sure my spare key still works. I got to get a little embarrassed and be humbled a bit. I also got to see my favorite Jeep key that is attached to my PO box key… praise the Lord. I told Madeline, St. Anthony and St. Jude to ‘do their jobs’ next time and not waste so much gas in the process…

SO… all and all there was some stressed, some mad, some annoyed, some frustrated and some impatient that rode right next to some happy, some loved, some grateful, some laid back and some curious… and all of that is just how life is.



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