… a little runaway- run, run, run, runaway…

Sometimes we just need to run away from it all. Sometimes we need to just walk in on Monday morning and take Tuesday off… then after work you pack up your camping gear and head out. In this version of the story you better believe Lucy forgot the blankets, but thankfully we shared our tent with my friend and her 5 kiddos and we all stayed warm. We needed a runaway… not at all as fancy as a getaway.

I feel like Summer has flown by and soon the bus will pull up and my girls will head to school and I will go to work and life will just keep moving through the seasons. I don’t at all dread that part, I just missed the Summer’s we were used to. This is the first Summer I have worked since I had Madeline… many moons ago. I know some might think I am all spoiled like a Summer home is no work. It is A LOT of work… but it had lots more play in it. We had a schedule together… get up hang out, go to the gym, find an adventure come home play in the back yard, make dinner and maybe get ice cream. Then this work thing kind of set that off… I barely got workouts in, I miss my friends, I miss the fun during the day and I really miss travelling around and learning at the Pinebush Preserve and Indian Ladder, or hiking and swimming all day at Thompson’s Lake. I miss going to friends for playdates that turned into impromptu BBQ’s. I miss taking the girls to the pools, sometimes I would have to fish the dead frogs out for everyone… I miss that part.

So we ran away… for like 22 hours we neglected all at home responsibilities, we ate hot dogs more than once, we did.not.brush.our.teeth, the girls hair was itchy with sand and they woke up to play board games at 6am. We 3 mommas did it we wrangled 10 kiddos at 9:45 in the dark through the woods to the bathroom, we pitched tents, Betthany made a fire and we roughed it. I mean roughed it… I slept on a twin air mattress that deflated early in the night. I am old. This may have made me older…

It felt good. I sat in the morning on the beach and even with 10 kids running around I still felt peace. I felt that peace of knowing I didn’t need to be anywhere else right then. I felt just far away from home to not feel connected to the responsibilities there. I know there were dishes to be done, floors to be vacuumed and a dog who would most like leave a poop in the house… only I just didn’t think about it. If Doctor’s could write prescriptions for it I am sure mine would have… who knows maybe I need to ask is insurance would cover this kind of medical importance.

As I sat around the camp and watched my girls play and 10 kiddos get along pretty much the whole time- I saw a comfort that only comes in a herd. I saw trust in other mom’s to help handle situations, I saw no judgement for the fact that I don’t care if my kids brush their teeth in the wilderness, we talked about important parenting things that many would have opinions about… but we just offered support and ideas. I know the world says ‘It takes a village’… but I think ‘It takes a herd’. I don’t need a village, I need a herd. I need a herd who is willing to pack up life on a Monday night and head out. I need a group of moms who build each other not break each other. I need a herd I can trust to help build my girls to be respectful and responsible and accountable.


I also love to runaway ❤ but I am looking forward to a getaway with my Mr. Rick, for that one I might even get a pedicure and shave.


PS.  The nice Park Ranger helped the kiddos build a better river with more features, he took time out of his day.  He could have walked on by… but he stayed and helped a bunch of kids build better.  Kudos to Park Ranger Joe- a reminder that grown ups can be good, kind and authority can kneel down and help build a child up ❤


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