Her First Decade

A Decade.

I had never really thought about it that way. In a few blinks, at least it felt that way, I have been raising Amelia for 10 years today. She is my ‘oldest’…

My first decade I spent being little, finding paths to ‘The Mansion’ or meeting friend at the village ice rink. My second I spent trying to be a homemaker… to be a wife. I loved learning and I had this idea of college, marriage, kids, LIFE. Madeline was the.easiest.baby. My 3rd decade is still going, although I am half way through it, has been a life changer. I feel like such a different person this decade…

Amelia Jane was born on November 2, 2007.  She shares her special day with her Great Great Aunt Jane and my baby sister Molly Jane. I love the tradition in her birthday. It is a special honor to share those days, on one day my family thinks of and celebrates 3 great women… women who changed me to the core. My 9 pound 14 ounce bundle of Meme, was the easiest labor of my 3. She came into this world with a big spirit and that spirit has just multiplied exponentially. She is a force, a compassionate and confident force. She feels BIG, her love and happy take up a room- and her pain and broken is the hardest thing to see.

Amelia’s decade has been pretty full, more full than many have in their lives. In her First Decade she has experienced great loss and birth, grief and love, growth and pain. Her first years were full of simple days and adventures, and her more recent half of this decade have been full in a different way. She makes our family work, in all of it’s different.

In her decade she has shown me more of the awesomeness of God and DNA… she has the same feet and hands as me, we have the same eyes. I think it is fascinating that God made her to be so much like me and so different. She is persistent and motivated, she loves to care for others and teach. She is often described as a talker- I don’t know where that came from.

I have loved getting to be her mom for this decade, to build each other and hold each other up. I am honored God chose me to guide her on this journey… I am incredibly impressed with Amelia’s ability to see good and positive in this life.

Amelia came into this world a BIG presence, she has learned to share her BIG emotions, she has tackled the role of being the big sister and not the middle sister with grace. It is like Madeline helped build it in her…

Cheers to this decade, and I can’t wait to see what this next decade will bring. I hope Meme learns and enjoys these coming years, that she is surrounded with builders not breakers… and that she continues with her BIG spirit.



2 thoughts on “Her First Decade

  1. When I wished Meme “Happy Birthday” on FB I had NO IDEA it was DOUBLE DIGITS! THAT IS HUGE! (btw does she know we share a birthday month?!) She is a decade this year and I’m a quarter of a century! BIG DEAL! I know her next decade will be absolutely spectacular and full of wonder and amazing things and magic. She has been through a lot in 10 years but it will only make the next 10 even more rich and worth it.

    Elizabeth Rubens


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