Lovely Green…

Luck of the Irish to you all, today and all days. Saint Patrick’s Day has always held a special spot in my memories. To most the celebrations would be a little thing, but I looked forward to those celebrations like I did Christmas and General Brown Days. I loved the church pot luck on St. Patrick’s Day… it was the best. I don’t recall who made it, but there was an old woman who made the best macaroni and cheese. I can still taste it if I think hard. I loved it… surrounded by the families we went to church with. I loved writing on the chalk boards and sneaking into Sister Norah’s room and seeing what we could get into. Every year, as long as it wasn’t cancelled we went to the St. Patrick’s Parade. I remember watching my Uncle Sean march with the Troopers, sometimes seeing my Aunt’s and Uncle represent with the Watertown Police. We would watch the parade, always right by the Paddock Arcade, in the bitter cold. Whoever had a young baby we would pass around that bundled up lil’ leprechaun. We clapped for that marched by… always wanting to support those parade marchers.

We would head to the State Office Building and get warmed up. I remember always going over to Uncle Sean and saying ‘hi’ to the Troopers. Then we would travel around and check out the goodies… Molly always loved the potatoes. I mean we all did, but she loved the salt potatoes and big freakin’ bowl of butter. I would check the schedule and head into the auditorium and watch the Irish Step Dancers, and then wander around to the Irish bands and Bagpipes. With a name like Erin, I felt pretty important there… I miss that.

I so miss that… but today is today and life is different. I can’t recreate for my daughters what I was lucky to have- only create something for them to love forward. I wish so much that they knew my grandma, they are lucky to know my nana. My grandma and grandpa were what I imagine the stereotypical Irish couple would grow to be, back in the day, when we didn’t all end up divorced. I try to bring them along in what I do- but I know Madeline is hanging with them. I remember growing up and watching my grandparents dance to Irish music, or pretty much any music. I still can hear them bicker… I am forever grateful for how they helped to build me. I am forever grateful for the moments, memories, smells, laughs, songs and beyond that they contributed to my story.

Today is a day that I miss home, and past times. I can’t fix that, but I can build different. I want to create something for my girls… I set out to. The leprechaun came, and pissed me off. He makes such a mess… and got real food coloring on the toilets seat… for the next few months we will have green on the toilet. I know the girls love those things, and to make it more believable I beg them to ask him not to come. I tell them what an asshole he is… leaving a mess for me to clean. I think they will believe in him more than Santa… because I hate him ❤. Then we woke up and went on ‘Adventure Day’… we weren’t allowed to say ‘no’ to trying something. I definitely got roped into buying a Lego set and LOL doll, since I could not say no. We went to breakfast at a new place, then headed on an adventure. I wasn’t sure if it would be good…

We found a new tradition…

There was a festival at the Ancient Order of the Hibernians, shepard’s pie… dancers… bagpipers, raffles and a bake sale. <Heaven>. Listening and tapping along to the Irish music, tasting the shepard’s pie and enjoying my girls was perfect. It was just right…

We hung out, then came home to watch P.S. I love you. It’s a little different but I think the girls will get it. It might be a terrible idea, but I think not. I guess we will see. In a little while the girls go to Matthew’s and our adventure day is done. I hope they have good memories. I hope that someday they look back and they love our own little story. I hope they are proud of the stories we live, the heritage that is in them. I hope that they know the importance of simple things, things like family, pot lucks, love, life and smiling.



PS… One of the best songs today was Paddy Murphy  and it really touched me… in the way that we grieve and honor death. We Irish celebrate life…



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