What a busy and blessed week…

This was one of those weeks that I remember how grateful and blessed I am… and now I am also super glad when I can finally sit down and enjoy some peace. So now I sit in the peace and reflect on the light and feel grateful that I have no plans today.

Monday started with a generous and well-organized check presentation. I was impressed with Blue Cross Blue Shield’s kindness and employee’s dedication to important local charities. It was pretty special to be honored alongside The Ronald McDonald House, Double H Ranch, Things of my Very Own and a few others. I felt very honored and happy in that room. I even got some Starbucks coffee and a little adventure in a real office conference room- things that don’t happen too often in this lady’s life.

Wednesday was the 6th Anniversary Party for Maddie’s Mark Foundation… only my favorite night of the year. This event is a special night at one of my favorite local restaurants, The Point, they shut down and the only people attending are believers in Best Day Ever’s… so it kind of rocks. I was actually early this year, I was prepared with all the items to make the event work and share just how I had imagined. It was impressive, if I do say so myself. I did not make it long in my heels, I had some fresh blisters from lovely flats I wore to work that week. So… I opted for staying a little short for the night, and to be honest my feet have thanked me over and over. I got to see so many people I miss most of the year, and dance until it was time to go. There were moments that were uncomfortable, not really the way things should have happened, but all and all it was a spectacular show of support and love to Maddie and her legacy.

The energy of the space at The Point is exactly how I feel about the foundation- it is warm and welcoming with a few long beat up farm style tables that remind me of family dinners growing up. It is the kind of table and space that says “sure we have a spot for you” to anyone who needs it. It feels more like a home than a venue, and for that it is the most special space for this event. We are honored every year they allow us to host our herd. I love the point in the night that the Vinny, the DJ, hands me the mic and I get to talk and share. It is my favorite, it always reminds me that I want speak and share and talk more often. I feel compelled to do it, and I feel so full when I am done. I hope God has speaking in my plan, I super hope that someday I get to do a TED talk- that is my dream. I spoke that night about gratitude. I have dreams sometimes, not the kind like wanting to someday speak at a TED event, but the kind you have in the middle of the night. Sometimes those dreams do.not.make.sense… sometimes those dreams tell me what I should share or do- ideas for Best Day Ever’s, speaking points and directions I should incorporate into my life. I woke up one day with a strong feeling that this anniversary really express gratitude to our herd, donors, volunteers and beyond. I felt it. I saw it as I spoke. I even got to bring up some of the families we have supported and honor their journeys. It was special…

It was a night I saw so many be happy and silly and content and loving… it was just right.

So then came Thursday… my baby sister was here and we had some time to spend together with the girls. We watched a bit of Ferris Bueller and then wandered into Albany for an adventure. In true life for though, Molly headed out and we had an event at school to do #MaddiesMarkRocks and speak about service for teens and families. Even in my tired state the girls, some middle school volunteers and I got MANY rocks painted to be send out into communities and give the gift of a smile to finder and share Maddie’s Mark…

Funny thing is- Friday was Earth Day at the girl’s school… so Friday I got to teach many 3rd graders about plants and how freakin’ cool they are. I think when they got to touch a Venus flytrap and KNOW that plants eat bugs or see a nice long stick of bamboo they knew plants.are.cool. Well at least I hope so…

Now came Saturday- another #MaddiesMarkRocks event. I got to go to the YMCA and paint rocks with kiddos there. It actually wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be…

It was one of those mornings that I could see the girls way back when, when they would have been hanging their coats on those racks with their tiny backpacks. It doesn’t feel possible that the years of preschool were so many years away from today. Days move slowly and years move fast… that is definitely the truth. I watched little ones come up and paint rocks, I talked to their parents a little about Maddie’s Mark. I had 3 adorable little girls come up to me SOOOOO excited, because it was #MaddiesMarkRocks… and they were called Maddie. They each assumed the station was just for them, it was cute and crappy. Thankfully they can’t understand the crappy part, that is just something I have to carry with me. Cute right next to crappy, joy next to pain- tis life as I know it to be. I guess I just didn’t expect it…

I placed my rocks at Maddie’s Garden right next to Maddie’s Place. I sat quietly until my Uber came (my car was getting some new brakes from an awesome friend). It was like go, go, go, go, go… then all the going was done and I could just sit. Sometimes weeks are like that, sometimes they aren’t. I can say having a nice Sunday to catch up on things is nice. I also know those amazing go, go, go times are invigorating and exhausting. Usually they are chock full of Madeline and history and moments I get to share and meet new people- all of my favorite things. I will take this quiet Sunday and feel that powerful gratitude and fullness that those busy weeks gift my soul.

All the feels in a busy week, that’s the life of this momma, president, sister, friend, organizer, special ed staff, taxi driver, writer, speaker and all the other parts of my life that make it pretty damn good.



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