One Single Moment…

A single click of a camera can catch one single moment, a moment that is actually a million moments all squished together. That one single moment is flooded with history, pain, loss, joy, celebration, smiles, tears and gratitude. Just one shot, one single camera shot… one moment but really a million.


This picture would have looked so different only a couple years ago… there would have been slightly shorter girls with no hair and fancy headbands. The dresses and smiles would be the same, the joy would be the same but the moment would have looked so very different. These are the survivors, a set of girls that kicked cancer’s ass. In that single moment I can see the other million moments. If I could have orchestrated this picture you would see many more heads watching and celebrating the end of treatment for one of their teammates. The room was filled with survivors and fighters rallying and enjoying this joyful moment, a moment with a million moments included in it. It was a moment, laced with a million moments that I will never forget.

Emily finished her treatment a short time ago. She and her family wanted to celebrate the journey, all the parts of it. They honored the hard and celebrated the light and gifts. They made it- through all the pain and steroids, the stress and kindness, long stays and missing normal… they made it to the big celebration. They made it together and you could feel the tight family bonds they have. It was a blessing to see and share in that moment.

I was honored that Maddie’s Mark could help with Emily’s celebration, and so very impressed with Emily’s family’s party planning skills. I had only a few roles but am honored that Madeline helped rock that night. It is a gift to get to help families enjoy experiences and moments, in Madeline’s honor. I get to share her and feel her right there- in those moments with a million other moments laced in them.

I felt that last night as I took the picture, it was like levels of moments being caught in one moment, one single click of the camera. On the dance floor the guest of honor, Emily, then her crew of survivors- her teammates. In the background was the one who captured the moment from a distance- knowing that my daughter may not be here to watch up closer but she instead stays on the edge and joins in the celebrating. She stays back with the photographer, her role is different in those moments.

Try to stop and take in one single moment… look at it for the million moments in that one single moment. Store it in your brain, think about all the layers. Those layers and million moments in a moment are life, all of it in it’s most raw form. I am grateful today for the moment I got to be a part of, for the million moments laced in that one single moment.

Emily and her family enjoyed their best night ever, it was almost a tangible celebratory energy. We all loved getting to be a part of her one million moments inside that one single moment…


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