A Meme Memoir

A memoir is a personal story with many details based on knowing yourself.  Memoirs are intimate and written based on facts an experiences.  A few weeks ago Amelia mentioned she was working on a memoir, she talked about how she helped another boy in her class write his memoir.  She said ‘Mom he was only writing one detail, so I helped him add pieces to his big story’.  She kind of schooled me in memoirs.  I am public school educated but have yet to write a memoir- I remember writing my own obituary and inviting Harrison Ford.  I also remember my teacher letting me know that I could not invite people to my funeral, it wasn’t like that.  All the things we learn… all the things our kids learn before us…

Amelia worked hard this year, and it was visible.  She really matured and is started to fill BIG life and feelings she is blessed and cursed with.  My girls are a reminder daily of embracing the pile and the hard stuff… and living the best you can.  They are the first to help friends- whether it is picking up dropped items, helping others stay safe or rescuing and caring for people who need it.  They are the extraordinary product of a life laced with pain and grief.  I know the challenges that this pain and grief have laid upon those girls, but I see the amazing work God is doing in them along side that pain and grief.  I am grateful every.single.day.

I wanted to share this and Amelia was onboard.  I want to share how God and life build people for a purpose.  I have always known that the most amazing caregivers have a purpose in the care and love.  I know it is true… Amelia’s work reminded me of that.  I always tell my girls you can be anything, anything you work for and anything you desire.  All I ask is that you do it well with kindness… if you are a garbage collector, I am proud, but be a kind one- go out of your way to take care of people on your route.  If you are a teacher, be a good one, go out of your way to build better.  If you are a hairdresser, be a good one, go out of your way to remind people of their beauty.  If you are a police officer, be a good one, go out of your way to treat people well, get the jerks off the streets and build communities better.  I just want them to be ‘a good one’.

Amelia shared her memoir with me… I had a deep feeling that she is going to be ‘a good one’.  No one will leave her care and feel that they weren’t loved and cared for, in fact she plans to take it further and advocate for a cure and for time.  I love how God is using her…

So… finally here is Amelia Musto’s 5th Grade Memoir

I Want To Make A Change


Amelia Musto                          6/4/18

Have you ever been asked, what do you want to be when you grow up?  I have and until this year I’ve wanted to be a hairstylist, a teacher, a singer, and an artist. But now I know that I want to be a nurse. And I would love to work at Albany Med.

If you are wondering why I want to become a nurse is because I experienced something that opened a door to wanting to help people more.

The  experience that had opened a door is when I was 4 years old my older sister who was 5 at the time passed away. Her name is Madeline. I want to help people enjoy a better life. Until my sister was diagnosed she had a normal life except for she was dizzy and some other complications. When she was diagnosed she had under 2 weeks. I want to change that for other patients.

 I remember we went to a huge cottage with our whole family after she was diagnosed. At the cottage  we decided to go in the hot tub when it was snowing, and my uncle Travis put ice cubes in our bathing suits! I realize now we went to the cottage to spend more time together with our family.

In the future I want to help doctors diagnose patients sooner so the doctors, nurses, and I can help before. And so they can live longer. My sister Madeline had a brain tumor known as D.I.P.G. a cancer they have not yet found out how to cure.

    I also remember the night Madeline passed away how kind the nurses were, they put on scooby doo and brought Lucy and I in a different room to watch scooby doo. My mom wanted fingerprints so, the nurses brought clay to get the fingerprints. The nurses even had them made into a necklace.

    That is why I want to be a nurse. I want the family’s I help to feel special. And help people feel and be better.

Read.  Enjoy.  Comment.  Share.  Think about what made you to be who you are…


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