39… the last chapter of a decade

Somehow, I honestly don’t know how, I am 39 years old today.  I can still remember thinking that 30 was wicked old, and that 40 was like late in life… if only I could have told young Erin that she would blink, and a decade would go by.  I guess, if I was going to blink through a decade and get to the last chapter faster this would be the one to blink on through to the final pages.

Man my 30’s have been a CLUSTER ****… my 30’s have been a rollercoaster of broken and missing and joy and grief, a whole buncha’ numb and a lot of learning about me and my whole self.  I have so much to do, but I really have so much hope for this year of learning, growing, building and becoming me.  I am closing this chapter with a bang, be ready for many, many celebrations next year.

Rollin’ into my 39th year with the windows down and my music blaring, stopping every once and a while to read up on some Anne LaMotte and Brene Brown… taking time to practice being grounded and getting my feet back on the ground.  I am pretty excited, and a wee bit scared- but that is the perfect combination for building better and adventuring.

This is a year for change and being brave… taking on new challenges in my work, working on my boundaries… and getting a new hip to get this body back into a functioning and less painful state.  As of June 4, 2021 I will be a Bionic Chick, and rock my new hip and big scar as I am able to adventure and hike and walk!!!  So 39… will be more than fine, more than ok, it will be transforming in many ways.

Thank you all for the way you carry through this journey- I plan to get back to Climbing Up the Polka Dot Tree, it’s been a while since I have climbed.  Thank you for the wishes and the love… I always appreciate it.  I love my herd, and I have missed gathering and laughing and connecting – but spring is here, and this final chapter of the hardest.decade.ever is going to be one for the books, or maybe just my book. 

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