About Me…

Photo Credit to the Amazing and Talented Kidography by Dania
Photo Credit to the Amazing and Talented Kidography by Dania

So… here I am trying to do something that I have thought about for a long time, something that so many others do so well… here I am starting a blog!!! I know, I know… finally ;)… no seriously… I have meant to start this, written on paper ideas and stories and posts… all witty and cute… all  not relevant to life as I know it now, to our new normal. I swear every time something in life happens or changes the search for normal begins… a new house and the wonder of when it feels like ‘our home’ and not ‘some other people’s home’… a new baby and when the waking up with a fresh person, strolling them, changing them and loving them becomes ‘Whoa!!! She is totally ours!’  normal.

So here I am, starting to write about my journey to the new normal…

Let’s start with an introduction.

I am, what I consider, a kind, positive and fun person… mother to three of the most beautiful and close sisters ever made, one of which just happens to be an angel – a real Angel… I love to run, eat and drink wine… I love to talk and play with my lovely ladies… I have been known to be slightly bossy but all and all… I am just regular old me…

So this is me, me and all of my regular old self… attempting to find a new normal – or at least a piece of it. Me, trying to live life enjoying all the little things, exploring lots of new things and creating lots of memories. It isn’t the life or the plan I thought I would have, but honestly when does that really happen?

18 thoughts on “About Me…

  1. Sitting up in the middle of the night and I was blessed with this.
    I am 68, recently diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy, ie can’t take more than 6 steps without a walker. We are brave women. I feel for you.


  2. And I am an angel mum. My youngest of four children died suddenly at 22. 15 years ago.
    Yesterday I caught a cab to the city as I am on the council for Compassionate Friends.
    I offered to stand down because of my disability, but they are so kind. It is something I can do to reach out to others who have lost a child. I look forward to being your friend. My new normal now includes a walker and I will start a blog, maybe call it Legless.


    1. Thank you… I would love to hear more about Compassionate Friends… I have not ever fully looked into and think it might be good for me in coming years… I would love to follow and learn your story… hear about your angel and your normal. We are all different people, but it is much better to be in this together…


    2. Janice, I empathize deeply with you. I am now pretty much wheelchair bound due to severe rheumatoid arthritis. The damage in my knees and back is so severe I cannot straighten my back or my legs making it (of course) incredibly difficult to stand or walk, I am currently pursuing gastric bypass surgery so I can shed some weight and get double knee replacement. It is a long and difficult process and I live every day nearly crushed by the fear of failing my surgical goals in combination with the depressing, ever increasing dependence on others for everything I do. Writing is one of the few places I can function on my own and I relish it.


  3. Erin,
    I love your blog, and God has really put it on my heart to knit you a prayer shawl. It is purple with 3×3 ribbing (one stitch for each of your amazing girls). I would love to send it to you once it is finished.
    You and your girls are in my prayers.
    God Bless,
    Elizabeth Rubens


  4. Erin, I am just coming across your blog. You are so strong and I think this is a great outlet for you. Its a great way for people to get to know the real you, and what an amazing person you are. Love you!!!!


  5. Hello sweet lady, I found you through Grace Resurrected. I appreciated your story, imagined your pain and felt sameness when I read the paragraph that begins “I am a writer.” I’m convinced that sharing our stories is one of the secrets to life, thank you for participating in that.


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